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Molly age 22 severe Endometriosis

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Hi I’m 22 years of age diagnosed in March with severe endometriosis dieseas has laposcropic surgery in March I’m allows 3 periods a year with microgynon with mefanamic acid tablets which are strong pain killers which so help however since I have been diagnosed and had my surgery I can’t help but wonder about how I can fall pregnant any risk or how fertile I actually am mum said don’t worry but actually having this endo does worry me a lot I have a 5cm by 5 cm on my left overy and a 10 cm by 10 cm endo on my right they have got rid of what they could reading g my notes I had a laposcropic bilateral Iberian cystecomy treatment was laposcropic and bilateral overian cystectomy and adhesiolysis

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Hi Molly, I’m Molly aged 28 with severe endo and my symptoms first started about the same age as your’s it seems!

I’m afraid all of us here and likely even your doctor will struggle to answer that question as it’s so different for each woman. It sounds like your mum’s given some good advise.

I would recommend reading through the endometriosis UK website which is really helpful and reading through posts on here often helps when I’m feeling down or confused about it all.

Keep well!


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Thankyou as it’s such a worry as I’ve always wanted to be a mum but like the spiritualist say is what will be will be , when is the right time who knows but things happen when you least expect it but yes that’s right I do feel better as I read through endo uk website as I don’t feel alone it’s 7.42pm I’ve had a hot shower in bed hot water in bed in pyjamas relaxing as us endo sisters should be xxx

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