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Is sciatica another symptom?

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Hello again,

As I have mentioned before I am looking onto going private because of having no results of my last Lap and been told nothing els can be done.

I will be going back to my GP for one more time to see if I can push to have more stuff done after Christmas. I'm writing a list of my symptoms to take in to make it clear it is taking over my life.

Along with all the other symptoms I have I am really struggling with a sciatica sort of pain. I was told by a Dr that this is a separate problem to everything els and was referred to a physio therapist but despite doing all of my exercises I still have the pain. At first I thaught it was working but then I noticed the pain came back during my period. At first I didn't really put it together that my period is whats affecting it. I have had this pain since I was 15 and I'm now 22. At first it was blamed on back problems because I used to work with horses which included lifting heavy stuff every day and it only made sence it was to do with that. But since it's been getting worse at worse along with all my other symptoms I wander if it's all apart of the same problem?

Any help will be much appreciated.


4 Replies
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I have sciatic pain also and have endo. I think endo can attach to the sciatic nerve. Been having this for nearly 2 years. Having 3rd lap next year. I’m kicking myself as went to see consultant and forgot to mention that. I used to get sharp shocks bottom of my back through my right buttocks before a period and it would go but now having it about 4 times a week. Is this how yours is? X

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Thank you for your reply! Oh that's interesting I'm sorry to here you've had to go through all of this.

That does sound similar to the pain I get as it's from my lower back and into my left hip and I sometimes get the pain travel down into my leg. X

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As Laura says endo can affect the sciatic nerve. Normal sciatica is caused by the nerve being trapped or being pressed on by inflammation in the lower spine. If the pain is worse around the time of your period, then it is most likely endo related. If it is worse when your doing in physical things, or moving in certain ways, then it probably isn't.

Have you had an MRI? They are better at showing endo in the hard to get at places, and if endo is affecting your sciatic nerve I believe it does that in the lower abdomen down in places they don't usually risk going with a diagnostic lap.

I went to a private consultant that also did NHS work, it cost me £200 for the diagnosis then I got put on his NHS list. That was only a few years ago.

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Suzileverell in reply to NW248

Thank you for your reply!

That is definitely worse around my period but also doing physical stuff can also affect it. I used horse ride alot but since the pain I've had to stop because it makes it worse.

I haven't had an MRI before, That's interesting you've said that because my friend had one and she told me it's one of the first things they did when she started to get symptoms. But then again she was private.

I'm finding I'm having to really push my GP to do anything as it took them 2 years to even referre me to see a gynae. They seem to like to just prescribe me pain killers and pills. X

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