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Pelvic pain

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Hello. I am 47 y/o and have had pelvic pain with increasing severity over the last several months. The pain is constant over my entire pelvis with longer and longer waves of pain that feel like labor. I had a Mirena IUD since March but just had it removed last week and then the pain really skyrocketed. I had an ovarian cyst removed last week and laparoscopy which revealed a normal uterus. Not sure where to turn next as the pain is horrific and feel like I am being dismissed by my doctors now because they can’t find anything. Any ideas where to look next?

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Hi there

Sorry you’re having such a rough time. Just because endo is not found on a laparoscopy doesn’t mean you don’t have it. You may have it elsewhere. If you respond to having your periods stopped which I’m assuming the coil did for you, then it suggests endo. I have endo on nerves to my legs which caused motor nerve damage. It’s not visible on any scan and is not accessible surgically. Luckily my lap found a small amount of endo so I am able to continue with treatment which is keeping symptoms at bay and preventing further nerve damage. I am on Prostap injections with HRT for the foreseeable future. I’m 43. Although surgery or scans couldn’t prove where it is, the pain and other nerve symptoms improving with treatment ( and the cyclical nature of the onset ) suggests there is endo on my lumbar sacral plexus and they are therefore treating me accordingly.

Hope this helps.


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