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CBD oil- really positive


I've been using CBD oil for 2 weeks now. I followed the guidelines of taking 1 drop AM and 1 drop PM for week one and then up to 2 drops AM/PM week 2 (I'll keep increasing until it feels like I've got the right effect). Week 1, I didn't notice a whole lot but weeks 2- I am definitely noticing a significant difference. My main symptoms are fatigue and back pain. My back pain is intense, especially during the night. It wakes me several times, so my sleep is very broken and I struggle to sleep much past 5am. Obviously, this impacts my fatigue. I use a sleep tracking app (with Bellabeat) and for the past long time (about a year at least), my deep sleep records about 30-40% but this past week, I'm at 60-70%! Every night. I'm sleeping all the way through most nights and really feel I'm getting in a much deeper sleep. As a result, I'm noticing my energy is improved. I still have fatigue but it's nowhere near as bad. My pain during the day had been just as bad but for the past 3 days, it's definitely lower. I've been told that pain can take a bit longer to feel the benefit- usually about 4 weeks, so I'm really hopeful about this.

So far, this is the first of the MANY things that I've tried that has actually benefited me in any real way.

I should say that I've got a bit of an unusual presentation of endo. I don't exactly know what's going on- I've been told I have severe endo but then also that I have a large bizarre and chaotic fibroid/tumour growing out of my uterus. It seems that this mass is thought to be the cause of my back pain but I don't know for sure. I'm meeting with the endo specialist in a few weeks and will hopefully find out more then.

I put off trying CBD oil for about a year- I wanted to try deal with the underlying issue and not just manage my symptoms. I was trying lots of natural methods and thought if I take CBD and it reduces my pain, I wouldn't be able to tell if these natural methods were helping. I hadn't had much benefit at all from any of the natural methods so I decided to try CBD. I would recommend this to anyone.

The one I use is the indica strain which is supposedly better for pain, sleep and anxiety. There is also the sativa strain with is better for depression, weight and energy.

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