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Post laparoscopy diagnosis


I have just had a laparoscopy to remove what the doctors believed was a dermoid cyst on my ovary but turned out to be a 5cm blood filled cyst caused by endometriosis, they also found endo on my other ovary and bladder which they removed. I'm just trying to get my head round my diagnosis and what this means going forward. It does make a lot of sense as I've been to the doctors a number of times over the last few years for a variety of issues from stomach problems to chronic tiredness, which are potentially all related. I also suffer a lot from bloating and always put it down to just being chubby but now wonder whether it's related. I'm now trying to figure out if there are changes to my lifestyle I can make to help reduce my symptoms. If anyone has any tips or links to good resources to read it'd be appreciated.

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I just had the same happen to me, I had a large cyst removed (10cm) that they went in to remove and found it was caused by endo. They were surprised how much they found. They were also shocked that I wasn’t showing many symptoms. I had been up to early this year when my son had been put on a dairy and gluten free diet. He was only 10 and really disappointed so I went on it also. It really stopped that horrid bloating. I have been reading since I found out last week post surgery and this is suggested, as well as giving up sugar and alcohol. I haven’t given up these 2 yet. Might be worth a try.

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