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Discharge letter-Post laparoscopy


In my discharge letter it says I have a ‘retroverted uterus’ which was ‘slightly bulky’. It also says both of my ovaries were slightly ‘enlarged and polycystic’.

I have been discharged from my consultant but I wanted to know if anyone has any of these things or know what they are?!

(I am going to speak to my GP this week but just want a clearer idea before I go!)

Thanks in advance!

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I had an ultrasound where they said my ovaries looked polycystic, I instantly thought of polycystic ovary syndrome. But when it was explained to me the polycystic appearance is actually a medical term for high egg reserve meaning you could be highly fertile. Obviously don’t quote me on that but that’s what it meant for me. The other bits I can’t really comment on as I’ve no experience with those but hope the dr can reveal more for you. Xx

That’s what I thought! And I had no idea what that meant for me. Thank you for clearing that up for me, I’m hoping that is the same for me to! I will speak to the doctor anyway but I appreciate the reply🙂xx

vmagpie in reply to Giraffe0210

No worries, I was really worried when they said it to me, they said I had multiple cysts and my ovaries looked polycystic.. I went 4-5 weeks worrying I had loads of cysts and a condition I knew nothing about... wish they’d think to use every day terms to ease our minds.

I hope you’re recovering well and you’re happy being discharged. Fingers crossed it’s all good news from here for you xx

Giraffe0210 in reply to vmagpie

Yes I’m not surprised they make it sound like PCOS or related! I instantly panicked about fertility etc.. it would make more sense!

Thank you! I’m getting there slowly but surely🙂 and the same for you, sending hugs xx

I also have a retroverted uterus and it just means that it's tilted back x

Giraffe0210 in reply to lizzyxx

Does it ever cause you any issues? X

lizzyxx in reply to Giraffe0210

Not really tbh, it's quite common x

Giraffe0210 in reply to lizzyxx

I’m glad to hear that🙂I don’t think I could deal with anything else at the moment! X

lizzyxx in reply to Giraffe0210

They do say though that it can be caused by certain conditions including endometriosis x

Giraffe0210 in reply to lizzyxx

I did read about that, it’s good to know so thank you xx

Sherna21 in reply to Giraffe0210

Sex is very painful for me especially with a low cervix. So yeah add that with my endometriosis sex is very worrying except when I’m ovulating, no pain then.

Giraffe0210 in reply to Sherna21

It’s awful isn’t it😞

I have all the above following my laparoscopy and I did ask the consultant what some of it meant.But as you know following a laparoscopy the anaesthetic is still in your system and you aren’t thinking clearly. Retroverted uterus causes me painful sex. The ‘bulky uterus’ ask about as I have adenymosis and that represented as a bulky uterus but sometimes consultants use terms to describe something completely different like the poly cystic ovaries. Which was written in my report but it didn’t mean I have PCOS.i hope this makes sense just get them to describe each term and write down what it means.

Giraffe0210 in reply to Cabs

I will definitely be asking but I have a few answers about what they are now which is good🙂I wish they would use simple words!

A bulky uterus could well be caused by adenomyosis..

I’ve never heard of it! What is adenomyosis?

Like endo but within the walls of the uterus itself. It causes more uterus-specific symptoms like spotting and heavy periods as well as pelvic pain. It can cause the uterus to become enlarged and give it a strange 'boggy' texture- hence bulky!

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