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Really bad periods


I suffer really bad periods heavy bleeding pain In backside constantly needing to go the bathroom to pass stools any food or drink that touches my stomach goes straight through me and gives me really bad pain in my bum and stomach I currently take menenfamic acid which does help take the edge off but that’s more to slow the bleeding down because they are so heavy and I can’t go on the pill any other advice on what can help with pain I use hot water bottles and rest and eat quite bland on my period but any other advice or tablets or remedies would be appreciated thanks

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Hi hun, that sounds awful.

Have you had a laparoscopy to remove endometriosis or not diagnosed yet?

Sounds very similar to my symptoms of rectovaginal endo. At its worst, I couldn’t even eat during my period without stabbing pains in stomach and food just went straight through Undigested too. Since my second lap with an endo specialist I have had massive improvement.

All I used was heat pads, take naproxen a few days before period due to start and keep taking it, hot water bottle etc. Avoid dairy, gluten, onion, garlic during period as strong triggers. Look up the low FODMAP diet as this provided relief for me (although thankfully since operation not needed as it is quite restrictive!)

Sorry can’t be of any more help xxx

Georgie91 in reply to Doglover5

Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it I been asked to have a lap but I’m terrified to be put out and the camera and I just hate hospital I had one all set up with a date and had to cancel twice due to the stress it was causing me I’m just a Big Baby but until I get my head round it I’ve just been trying to deal with it on my own but I’ll look into the FODMAP thanks

Doglover5 in reply to Georgie91

It really isn’t as bad as you think. I had never had an operation and it was my first. You don’t know anything about it and the recovery wasn’t that bad either. You really should try and be brave and get a proper diagnosis as if you have got endometriosis which your symptoms do sound like then you should get huge relief from having it removed.

It’s just like having a sleep and it hurts less than having a blood test when they put the needle in to put you under.

Good luck xxx

It's really not so bad! I was very very scared before but there was absolutely no reason. I just had a bit of pain for a few days afterwards but honestly it was much less painful than a period!

I used to use sepia heopathic remidies 30cc pils a lot when I had endometriosis .used help with heavy periods the heavy pulling down feeling ECT sorry you are going through all this hugs xx

Hi Georgie I am sorry that you are feeling so bad. I wondered why you're unable to use the oral contraceptive pill. I have had same symptoms as yourself and although I had bad experiences with the combined pill, I tried Cerelle which is a progesterone only pill. I take it continuously to suppress my periods and have no true periods , just a bit of spotting - such an improvement. It might be worth trying - a warning - it takes about 2 months to work and until then I was bleeding for weeks then the bleeding just stopped and I have not had a period as such for a year - bliss!

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