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No periods

Hi everyone!

I'm awaiting my first lap, have got two complex cysts and suspected endo. My periods are usually heavy and very painful. However my periods seemed to have stopped. Other than occasional spotting. It's been about 9 weeks now. I still get all the bad pains, just no bleeding. I'm not on any contraception. Dunno whether this is worth mentioning to my gp or whether to just wait till surgery.(they said should be sometime in may) just wondered if anyone has had similar problems or can shed any light?

Thanks xxx

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Hi Purplegail I'm not sure if this will help at all and I'm certainly no expert but before I was diagnosed with endo via laparoscopy, I had a large ovarian cyst (an endometrioma or 'chocolate cyst') which was seen on an ultrasound scan. My periods had always been fairly heavy & certainly painful but my pain got worse and more frequent which was when I saught help and the scan was done. Weirdly though, as my pain got worse, my bleeding got lighter, with my petite going from an average of 5 days to 2.

The doctors didn't really know why this was but I couldn't help wonder if it was because the blood was going into the cyst, filling it up and making it larger, rather than being shed during my period. Like I say I'm not a medical professional so I can't know for sure but I've always wondered. I would definitely mention it to your doctor, the more info the better I find.

Lots of luck with your surgery x

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Thank you for your reply.

It's good to know it's happened to someone else. Think you're right about mentioning it to dr, just didn't want to seem silly or dramatic. Fingers crossed it won't be too long till lap. Hope you're doing ok xx


Hi purplegail,

What you've just described is exactly what happened to me. I had a laparoscopy 6 weeks ago to remove a 9cm emdometrioma (chocolate cyst) and like you and Georgina my periods got lighter but the pain was still there, but my cyst was growing by the day.....I also wondered if the blood was going into the cyst instead of being shed as this would make sense right? Anyway the day after surgery I started bleeding quite heavy, they didn't know if it was from my op or my period, but exactly 4 weeks after my op I had a normal period, so I would say that the bleeding I had in hospital was definitely my period. This might be helpful to you incase the same thing happens after you surgery. Good luck x


Thanks for responding. I'm pleased I've found other people have had it too. And thanks for the heads up about possible bleeding after surgery. I've found this forum really helpful, everyone is so kind and supportive. And I think you actually get more information from other peoples experiences than you do from doctors. Xx

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I dont know but some interesting comments on here .. i had excision surgery for stage 4 endo in december .. i too, before surgery had light periods .. endometrioma was 6+ cm. Any way my problems have gor worse since christmas and now im 2 weeks late!? Not pregnant (infertile and tested) and certainly not normally late .. I just dont know what it is!


I had bilateral endometriomas removed 4 years ago one was 8cm and one 6cm, I too had very light but very painful periods in the months leading up to my surgery. My surgeon said it was probably due to me not being able to ovulate due to the size of the cysts and also the hormone imbalance that they were causing stopping the womb lining building up properly so not as much to shed. After the surgery my periods went back to more of a normal flow but have never been regular since and they used to be like clockwork.


Thank you for all your responses. Really appreciate it. Feeling not so worried now 😀Xx


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