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Contraceptive Coil

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I wondered if anyone who suffers with endo and everything that goes with it has the coil.

My surgeon asked if I wanted it put in yesterday during my lap to which I refused, mainly because I’ve heard horror stories about it causing women terrible pain, which seeing as I can’t get out of bed during my period due to pain I’m not risking any more!!

Has anyone had a good experience with it? I’m worried that il have it put in and then hate it, and will then have to go through the motions of getting it taken out and it just makes me really uneasy!

Thanks for listening peeps!

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I appreciate there’s mixed success but the merina is the best thing I ever did. Totally gave me a life back that had been gone for a long time. Took a while to settle down with some pain and spotting. I’ve always had mine at a lap but I understand taking it out isn’t that difficult.

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BeanC91 in reply to JulesUK

Hey! Thanks for your reply. If you don’t mind me asking, was the pain you experienced like a period pain? Xx

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JulesUK in reply to BeanC91

The first period I had after was horrendous, hard to know of it was the coil, period or just something after the lap not right). It was like all the other endo pain I’d experienced before. What I do know is after that awful time things just continued to get better and better. Personally I can’t speak highly enough about it my life was on hold for years and now I’m living a normal life (touch wood). I can’t speak for those who have had it inserted without an op though. I haven’t had children (I’m 46) and I think it can be painful so I think people recommend a sedative or something ( don’t know details) x

Hi! I had the coil fitted in 2013 and it was one of the best things I have ever done! It stopped my period after a short time of settling down. I get the occasional ache, but barely noticeable. I had it replaced earlier this year (it lasts for five years) and it was removed with no pain. I did have a bit of shooting pain when the replacement was put in, but I think that was because it hit a nerve or a bit of my endo (no idea really) but it settled again after a few hours and I've had no issues since. Xxx

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BeanC91 in reply to Jenny8

Hey, thanks for your message. If you don’t mind me asking but what was your pain like before you had it fitted? I’m just so nervous that it will make it worse, and that I will go really irregular period wise? Xx

I feel like this too and have decided against it, it scares me to have something in my body. I had the injection and implant before which made me put on heaps of weight too. I have heard of horror stories from women about the coil. I will follow your post to see what others say x

I had a Mirena coil fitted during a lap and it helped a lot with the pain although I still did get dull aches but nothing compared to what it was. I did however have a lot of constant spotting but nothing major it was just annoying but I stuck with it as it helped so much with my pain and the horrendous periods that I used to have.

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