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Advice of what to Gyni

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i have recently been diagnosed (2 months ago) with stage 4 endometriosis this was after months of pain and eventually being rushed into hospital with sepsis.

I had a laparoscopy carried out to clear infection in pelvis which led to the sepsis. So i it was found that i have frozen pelvis, kissing ovaries, significant adhesions, ovarian cyst which was drained and a tube-ovarian abscess. I am due to see gyni this week and wondering what to ask, as i have felt better than the months leading up to my semis. However i am still very swollen and the one period i have had was painful and very heavy. Basically i wonder if anyone has been in a similar situation to me and what did they do. I am considering asking for a hysterectomy as scared of having a repeat of what i have recently been through. Any advice welcome.

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Hi JoBTW74,

It can be sometimes be difficult to sum up to a specialist exactly how you're feeling, especially if you've had worse experiences in your past compared to how you're currently feeling.

We have some information on our website about seeing a specialist: . This highlights how to talk to your specialist, and also links to a consultation questionnaire that may help you remember useful information about your pain/symptoms.

Remember you can always call us to talk about what to expect/some help on what questions to ask. Our free helpline (0808 808 2227) is run by volunteers who also have personal experience of endometriosis. Our helpline is open most days--the times it is open can be found here:

The most important thing to remember is that you're entitled to ask them as many questions as you want in order to feel better and gain some clarity on your situation.

Good luck and I hope you continue to feel better going forward,

Kind regards,

Gemma, EndometriosisUK

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