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5 weeks pregnant and noticed hair loss in the shower!


I'm 5 weeks into my pregnancy and as my lap date still hasn't come through, the doctors have referred me to the gyno as 'urgent'. I got my appointment date for the 10th of jan to receive a letter the next morning saying it was cancelled!

I've noticed in the shower more hair coming loose than normal, I've read this happened to a girl and it was due to a losing the baby at 8 weeks, I'm not absolutely freaking out and worried I'll meet the same fate!

Has anyone else had this, I'm more stressed as I've still no idea if I have endo and and I'm getting absolutely nowhere with this gyno!!

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My friend shed loads of hair in early pregnancy. It’s due to hormones riding. Don’t worry it’s normal. Eventually it will stop - after the baby it will fall out again - but not in a bad way xx

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Thank you, I did read it's quite unusual to lose hair during early pregnancy etc so my mind went into overdrive xx

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