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Coccyx / tailbone pain linked to endo removal lap


Anyone else had endometriosis found and removed from their uterosacral ligaments?

I've noticed after that lap about 3 months later I developed coccyx pain. I've been talking to my physio and she thinks due to the op those ligaments may be looser / tighter changing the position of the sacrum and thus the coccyx leading to coccyx pain.

Has anyone else had the same happen?

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I have noticed this since returning back to work on the 20/09/2018 after having my Lap on the 06/09/2018

farahziya in reply to carldahr

Glad it's not just me!

It's annoying isn't it?

I've had a workspace assessment; new chair and a u shaped cushion - that and physio is helping - as I've had my pain a while - 8 months - it will take a while to sort (a few months at least), which is why I brought it up on here to make others aware and to get it looked at sooner. GPs will just say wait a few months - I did and now it's sooo much worse and needs lots more physion - more intense stuff too.

Definitely see a physio; if it's related to your surgery it won't go on it's own. Even if stuff isn't done such as endo removal my physio says that because the lap affects the core muscles (obviously) then the back compensates so that can cause similar pain.

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