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Neuropathic pain linked to endo?

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Hi there,

So, I had a telephone appointment with my gynae on Friday and he said that it sounds like my pain is neuropathic, something to do with my nerves. He’s prescribe me a low dose (10mg) of amitriptyline to take every evening. Has anyone else had this? Does it help? Do you need them daily?

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Hi I have tried amatryptalyne which was for my fibromyalgia and it didn’t work, never heard of it being given for gynaecology problems. The only thing that helps me is tramadol x

Oh really? Sorry to hear it didn’t help. I think the gynae wanted to try me on it until he’s able to investigate further x

Everyone is different so it may work for you, worth a try. I am now on nortryptaline which helps me much better for some reason x

Yeah, that’s true. Oh that’s interesting, do you know if its a low dosage?

I take 2 tablets and sure it’s 20mg altogether but I believe I could take 5 tablets per day x

Oh that’s good x

Yes I am prescribed amitriptyline for nerve damage in my pelvic, left hip area, after several surgeries, last one hysterectomy with endometriosis removed. I can now sleep at night, whereas previously getting up 3/4 times a night sine my early 20's. Give it a try hopefully it will help you, good luck x

Thank you, I’m please to hear it helps. I often wake up with pelvic / hip pain too, thank you ☺️X

HiI take Amitriptyline, 50mg as I get alot of pain in my pelvis, legs, lower back. As well as depression.

It definitely helps me sleep.

Some days I have to up the dose for a couple of weeks.

Some days the Amitriptyline makes me anxious and restless, but everyone is different.

See how you go, if it doesn't suit you, there are other neuropathic relief available.

Thank you for your message. I’m glad it helps you for the most part☺️.

Hi, I'm on Amitriptyline and started on 10mg. I take it at 7pm. I'm now on 20mg and thinking I need to go up to 30mg. It did work really well initially and I my 'electical' type of pains are still reduced but not completely. I was getting what felt like being electrocuted pain under my collar bone and now it's less shocking. I would say it's worth a try but it's unlikely to eradicate pain but could at least reduce it x

Thank you for your message. I’ve been advised to take it at 6pm, but some days I’m not even home from work that early😂

I think it's different for everyone but when I started taking it, I was asleep 3 hours later which is why I take it at 7pm 🤣 I'm used to it now. See how it goes and do what works for you x

Oh really. My gynae said it may make me feel a little groggy the next day. I’m usually asleep by 10 most nights hah!

I'm groggy anyway in the morning 🤣 not a morning person at all. I was told people find it makes them really groggy but I've been no more than usual once I got used to it. It took a couple of weeks I think to get used to it x

Hahaha! I love it! It’s not been too bad, not hugely noticed a difference yet!

Hopefully you'll see a difference in a few weeks x

Thank you🤞🏻X

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