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Severe hip pain and my period

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Hi there! It seems like we are all living with the same horrific symptoms! I started having what I thought was terrible period cramps over a year ago that forced me to go to the ER. I couldn't walk, sit, sleep, drive and I was so nauseous. My gynaecologist couldn't find any explanation and put me on chronic anti-inflammatory meds. I was also given an anti- spasmodic to control the spasms. There was a tiny fibroid but it wasn't encroaching on anything and didn't explain the stabbing and burning in my right hip and lower back, that also ran down my thigh and rectum. The pain got worse and three months ago I started bleeding very heavily and my cycle became erratic. I got my period 3 times in 6 weeks. My gynaecologist was adamant that a partial hysterectomy was the best option. I disagreed and started researching. I spent every free minute on Google and then demanded that he starts ruling out other potential causes. Today I had an MRI which showed the harmless fibroid, a deposit of endometriosis and a hip labral tear. The symptoms of a torn labrum explains all the stabbing pains. Having Googled more, it seems that the endometriosis can cause inflammation that can cause the labrum to degenerate. I am so grateful and relieved to finally know what's wrong and now I can concentrate on the treatment instead of feeling like a crazy, helpless person who just got sent home with meds and AND I got to save my uterus! Good luck to you all!

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Thank God that you took the time to research!!! 😀 Please consider reading up on "castor oil packs", and the benefits of drinKing bacing soda and water. I am almost positive that this will amaze you! XOXO

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Hi Tia

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely check out the castor oil... My entire family believes in the health benefits of castor oil... My Dad is going to laugh when I tell him... He drinks half a teaspoon of castor oil every night.... for over 50 years now. I am South African of Indian descent and as a child I was forced to swallow castor oil every year, probably 4 times a year and I vowed never to touch the stuff when I was an adult and had a choice. I drink the baking soda once a week because I constantly find my acid levels are too high and I throw up very easily. That's another thing that started along with the drama... acidity and the urge to throw up. I don't need to stick my finger down my throat... many anorexics would be jealous of just how easy it is for me. No offence to people with anorexia intended. I am just so tired and angry that I've developed a very ugly sense of humour. Thank you so, so much. It's so comforting knowing that I can relate to other people.

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Hey Birdlover! 😀🖑

Lol!!! 😄 My ancestors also used the castor oil for almost everything. I am of Latin American decent and between the castor oil and Vicks, we rarely got sick growing up! Although I no longer ingest the castor oil, I soak small pieces of gauze and place one in the bellybutton, rectum and lady part at night. I also rub myself down with the oil and it relieves the swelling and pain. This may sound crazy but, it also stops the inflamation in my rectum. My stomach is also very sensitive. I had to change my eating habits and keep my bowels clear to keep the stomach issues in check. My periods are extremely painful if I fail to follow my routine. I did not realize that several days of severe pain could change a person... I too was exhausted with trying to find a doctor that could help me. Pain medicine did absolutely nothing so I stopped taking it. I am beginning to think that the old remedies and herbal medicines may be a better option. Please let me know how everything works out for you! I truly believe that this will help! 😀

Hey, I know this is a long shot but you don’t happen to know where you read about the Endo/labrum degeneration? My mri showed nothing but minor degeneration, and my lap is Monday so I’d like to read up on the link but my googling isn’t as good as yours!

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