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Upcoming Laparoscopy


I'm 26.

I began having some symptoms that passed me from the doctors for an ultrasound. From the ultrasound to a gynaecologist.

I had to wait 20 weeks for my gynaecologist appointment, in which time I began experiencing more pain, began been prescribed endless prescriptions of tramadol and codeine, hearing more and more 'possible endemetoriosis' amongst all the doctor appointments.

Finally got to the gyno appointment where I heard it a lot more, and got told I was going to have a laparoscopy. I got my operation date, another 3 months later, 30th December of all dates. At which point the person I was going out with, as I am living in a city where I don't really know anyone, basically broke up with me by text, and I haven't hardly heard off since - not really what I needed when I'd just been told I was going to have to have an operation.

Since then, I've been struggling walking more and more, until my manager suggested I get a sick note until "I'm sorted" so I am now off work for at least two months. I have just made it through my first term in my second year at university.

My family have one by one fallen out with me as I've told them about this, as it has got to the point of where I am in pain from the minute I wake up, taking painkillers that don't really work as well anymore, and am unbelievably stressed all the time. And instead I literally don't have anyone around me now that my operation is two weeks away, and on top of that with Christmas just over a week away and as my family relationship is that my mum and sister have stopped talking to me - it is me that is seen as the one who has done the falling out, subsequently meaning that I am now spending Christmas on my own. And my operation very soon after it.

Feeling utterly devastated at my whole current situation, and just my general health which has deteriorated more and more over the past months. I haven't been diagnosed with endemetoriosis as yet, but I seem to have every single symptom and just find every single day hard, like really hard, and I have been completely alone going through all this so far, and still am now.

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So sorry that you are going through this on your own with no support. You're having such a terrible time.!! xxx is the lap diagnostic or operative? Have you had any scans?

Are you on any hormonal treatments?

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Hi :)

I'm not sure what the difference is, its diagnostic...I think anyway.

I've had two ultrasounds, once that showed a cyst and the next one that didn't.

And I'm just on painkillers at the moment, not anything hormonal...again, I don't think xx

I am so sorry that your family are not being a great family at the moment for you. My close friend as ups and downs with her mum, and has something wrong with her not endometriosis but she thought she was making all the pain up etc, then she went to the appointment with her and her mum was in shock and apologised lots to her. Maybe you could ask the hospital to call your mum?

Also is your uni close? At my uni they put on a Christmas Day for the students that do not go home, or can you speak to the student advisors I am sure they will offer you guidance so your not on your own at christmas. I don't believe in any religion but in my area Church always puts something on at Christmas so no one is on there own.

I am waiting to see the gynaecologist have my appointment on the 20th as all my symptoms point to endometriosis, and also have been signed off work since November. Tablets I am on make me sick but helps ease the pain a little. Feeling very fed up with it all, but this site is brilliant as there are lots of people able to give guidance and support.

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Hi, thanks for your message back :)

I know what you mean about the tablets, I've stopped taking the tramadol as much, one time they made me throw up about 9 times in one day, and that just made the pain in my lower side worse.

My mum did come up to see me and arranged that she would take a week off and come up here and stay with me, so that all seemed arranged. Then she said one of her friends is dying, and she goes to look after him every single evening, and because of that I have to travel back with her - which would take at a minimum in the car over two hours, TWO DAYS after my operation. I said to her I did not want to feel I had to travel that soon, as I can hardly walk now, so I have no idea what I will be like after. I spoke to the hospital and they said they would not recommend travelling that soon whatsoever. My mum just said I was selfish, ungrateful and play people off against each other just so I can get what I want out of a situation. She said I had to take or leave it, and as she said, her friend is dying, I am not. And I don't want to feel I had to put myself through travelling that soon just to fit into her list of priorities really.

I'd not thought about uni, thanks for that idea. I volunteer in Durham so I could go there on christmas day, I'd just have to pay for a taxi there and back myself. Which uni are you at? And yes, mine is relatively close, I'll give them an ask.

I only joined here last night, but it was nice coming back on today and having a reply :)

Where you are at the minute sounds very similar to where I was, its good your off work though, I wish I'd thought about coming off work sooner as I found it all really hard. I've only been off for two weeks at the minute.

I'm glad you've been finding support on here though :D

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I am sorry for that news about your mums friend with but she still needs to support you, that's what mums do.

I am sure I read on here that someone advised to take a pillow with you so after the operation you can place it over your stomach to stop seat belt hurting. But you can not be expected to sit up straight for so long after having surgery in a car. My great uncle is very ill and in hospital but my dad is still supporting me and taking me to appointments, helping with shopping etc.

I was at UCLAN, what are you studying?With this site you can search for people local to you, might help with having someone near you.

I work in childcare so was not physically fit to work, lucky for me my manager is brilliant.

With the suspected endo I have had lots of tests that all came back clear and ok, but when I went for my smear I told the specialist and nurse at a different hospital about my problems and they both think it's endometriosis and asked that I get a urgent referral to the gynaecologist. I have my appointment next week, when they phoned to book the appointment I was able to get a private hospital appointment. Hopefully can get some help as I feel like a OAP due to the pain when walking and in my side.

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I know, I have tried to say all this to my mum, and she just said that if I can't understand why she needs to be there for her friend, then that's down to me, and if she is that terrible why would I want to spend Christmas with her anyway, and apparently was just waiting for me to apologise. That's really nice of your dad :) Unfortunately I seem to just have a family where they would rather just decide that I am been unreasonable and stop talking to me. My brother text about xmas last night just emphasising about how its me that people aren't speaking to and how this is very sad re xmas - and yet still hasn't asked what is actually wrong with me.

I'd not heard that about the pillow, thank you for the tip. I will be in a car getting home, but I'm in now way planning on travelling back that far. I've said I don't want to and the hospital has discouraged against it also.

I know what you mean! I feel like I'm hobbling everywhere. I worked in a hotel restaurant, so standing around for hours and carrying things was becoming impossible, though when I got my sick notes one of the chefs said I shouldn't have got it, because if I can go for meals and go to uni then I can work. That made me more worried. But i've been struggling with uni as well, but that is just going to a place and sitting, as is going for a meal - not standing up for 8 hours straight carrying plates and trays of drinks :(

From reading different posts and from what you have also just said, I'm not really worried that I might have the op and they won't be able to find anything. What do you do if that is the case? This has gone on so long and has become increasingly worse, I don't want it to be endometriosis but I know what I'd do if they say they couldn't find anything!

That's great about been able to get a private hospital app so quickly though! :)

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