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A bit of background info :-). I’m nearly 32 years old. Always suffered from terrible periods since I was 12 years old. They seemed to ease when I had my child 15 years ago, but then the pain came back with avengence a few months after giving birth. I’ve been back and forth to gynaecology. A couple of years I was referred urgently to gynaecology as I was bleeding between periods. I had a scan which was clear and was basically told to consider contraception. I told him I don’t want to as I want another child and I was told there’s nothing else that can be done apart from pain relief and meds to reduce my blood loss.

This year I went back to my GP who referred me again to gynaecology. I saw the consultant in July who dismissed my endometriosis query and stated that he would not consider putting me on the list for a laparoscopy as my cycles are every 30 days and I don’t continue to bleed between periods. He prescribed me more tablets and sent me on my way.

I’ve had 3 cycles since I was last at gynaecology clinic. All cycles I have excruciating pain , take cocodamol a lot, in fact over use it. This isn’t even helping and I feel like I want to die.

I went back to my GP today who said that the consultant I saw in July wrote on my notes that he had referred me for a scan, however he didn’t!! She had referred me for a scan and once that’s been done she’ll refer me back to gynaecology (hopefully using the choose and book system).

Also I have had 4 lots of IVF cycles with ‘good’ embryos and none have worked . My son was a natural pregnancy. So basically over 10 years of unprotected sex, 4 IVF cycles and no baby. Last private IVF consultant said it may be a womb factor, in that my womb isn’t a good host to the embryos?

What do you think my next step should be? I feel I need a laparoscopy but NHS are reluctant:-(

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Hi Nicola,

I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis after I had to really push for a laparoscopy, took me nearly a year. My doctor didn't want me to get one as I was 'too young'. (I'm 25 and have had awful periods since the age of 11). I previously never bled in between periods so I don't think that dismissal of endo is fair at all. In fact, they were like clockwork, with excruciating pain to the point where I couldn't walk (which wasn't helped with any type of painkiller). I knew that something wasn't right and wanted answers.

If I were you I would really push to get a laparoscopy if that is what you want. For me the point of it was to actually get a diagnosis in what was causing me so much pain. In the end, I kept asking for a laparoscopy after they continuously pointlessly did transvaginal ultrasounds which showed multiple cysts/something on my ovaries.. but they wanted to keep doing it to see whether it went away/got smaller... POINTLESS!!!!!!!

I understand how frustrating it is!!! I would just keep going back to say you want to be referred for another scan/laparoscopy. It is annoying, but for me it was the only thing that got me anywhere. No one deserves to be in pain, and continuous use of painkillers isn't the right solution. (Bit of advice though, my doctor prescribed me Mefenamic acid to take leading up to, during, and a couple of days after my period which was a lifesaver to me as nothing over the counter hit the sides whatsoever)

So sorry you're in so much pain and I hope you find answers soon. xx

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