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How do I push for a refer to gynae or for scans?

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I’ve been seeing one of the advanced practitioner nurses for a while now about menstrual changed I’ve been having which came to hypothyroidism. It’s kind of given me a kick up the backside to finally push to be seen by a gynaecologist or be examined / scanned for endometriosis signs or rule out fibroids etc. I’ve given my nurse the reasons why and she’s said she needs to get a sign off from one of the Drs at the surgery and I’ll either get a referral or a scan. How do I push for it though? I got the feeling she didn’t really want to do it so I feel like there’s a chance she’ll get back to me and not have had it approved. What do I do? I’ve suffered since starting my periods 11 years ago and I know it needs looking into. How do I get what I need?

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Go back to your GP and explain your symptoms and tell them you think it’s Endometriosis, I think a female GP is always better as I would like to think they are more sympathetic and understanding of your pain. Ask them to refer you to gynae, if they say no, ask why. Remember it’s your health and keep going back until they do something x

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