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Weird pains!?


Does anyone else get weird pains (other than the endo) the last few days..really randomly both my kidneys will start doesn't last long but it's there! Also shortness of breathe and dizziness when standing up!? Not sure if it's low blood sugar (I'm not diabetic) or lack of anything but it's all the time!! Having health anxiety on top of the endo is awful as I think every little thing is something massive and serious!

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It may be an idea to go to your doctors;

I have coccyx pain, or so I thought, went to see a movement and mobility physiotherapist (I do some sports classes with him so it was easier to go straight). He took all my info including pain, location, any operations, any illness. I explained about my endo, and he did some back movement positions and manipulation. He says that anything upsetting the core muscles - abdomen - which includes endo and laparoscopies can often result in a very fixed lower back - as in not flexible - it's the bodys way of protecting itself - we compensate. These muscles as they don't move much put pressure on the pelvic muscles - in my case the glutes and piriformis so I have what feels like sciatica and coccyx pain as the nerves are stuck behind the lower back muscles - defines as "none true sciatica" etc. "True" pain is when the nerve is trapped when coming immediately out of the spine.

You could have a look at physio as this could identify if it's the muscles or something else requiring a doc pretty much immediately. Usually assessments are free or not too expensive.

You can have diabetic tests - HBA1C which will look at blood sugar over the last three months (red blood cell lifetime) it doesn't need fasting. Maybe keep track of when you feel dizzy etc. Like after eating / exercise / waking / particular times in your cycle. From experience. Also check out other symptoms to see if you match any of them as they'll ask.

You could also have your kidneys checked - blood test shows their filtration. If it's not right like mine; I am having a kidney ultrasound done.

Docs will be able to check your blood pressure etc for your dizziness - sometimes you can overcome the dizziness by making sure you're always hydrated - this helps keep your blood pressure stable.

Let me know if you want to talk over anything as I've been through / going through all you've mentioned.

Hope this helps xx

For me any pain i get I related to endometriosis even a little bit of pain also if it is not on pelvic area

The only thing I don’t relate it to endo is the dizziness when i stand up i don’t get it always I rarely get it but i have it now I am thinking it could be endometriosis as you have it 🤔

i read before it is not a symptom of endometriosis

Oh my goodness we have alot of the same things going on. I have vertigo, I get EXTREMELY dizzy , lightheaded and nauseous out of no where. It is very scary especially when I'm driving I have to pull over and let it pass. Cannot drive far distances. Vertigo is also another thing that goes along with Endo.

Oh yes also pains in my overies it feels like , my pelvis,my uterus I don't even know..knocks the breath out of me

Hey! I get it alot when I stand up.. I kinda go a little black and dizzy and then it goes after a couple mins..sometimes it clears right away! It's weird how we have the same stuff going on..Not to sound mean but I'm glad someone understands what I'm going through..The thing I've got atm is total loss of sex drive which sucks! Lol xx

No it doesn't sound mean. It's kind of a relief in a way. There's no one I talk to about this( husband and close friends,but they don't know what it feels like of course) that knows what it's like to deal with this day in and day out. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking

I get it..I complain to my boyfriend..but he just says take some pain tablets..but even 800mg of Ibuprofen doesn't work! I've got a heat pad which is a god send if you haven't got on..The kind you put in the microwave like a wheat bag! I love mine! I'm from a small town just outside Bristol,South West you? :-) x

I have my heating pad on almost 24/7. If I'm sitting I have it on also use it while sleeping,cannot fall asleep unless I have it. I have the electric one. No, you're right nothing really works,just takes the edge off. I'm in America. I hate it where I live. Moving in a couple years.. can't wait

Oh! I thought you were in the UK lol sorry I would of said UK if I'd of known..I'm at the bottom end about 2 1/2 hours from London! Yeah I'm hoping to move soon..been trying to leave for 7 years now..I want closer to my family .especially now that my health has taken a dive! I've been told that the only thing to help is Codine but I can't take them as they make my head go funny! Xx

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