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Any weird symptoms alongside Endo?

Was just wondering if anyone else had any other symptoms that people wouldn't usually associate with Endometriosis. As Endo is thought to be linked to auto immune diseases. Since my endo symptoms have become present, I've also noticed I get random, itchy, flaky patches of skin, which I'm thinking might be psoriasis.

I also suffer from migraines and fatigue, which people don't usually associate when I tell them my other symptoms. What, if any, other symptoms / problems do you have alongside everything else?

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I too and migraines and fatigue.

Endo is an auto immune disease so many have other problems - like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue or even lupus.


I get headavhes, nausea, random nerve pains anywhere, swollen face/sinuses when sinuses hurt, dizziness, wooziness,weakness, fatigue...to name but a few. I know they are all linked to the endo and my hormones. Bgse confirmed this then someone else at bgse disagreed. X

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Yep, I've had chronic migraines since I hit puberty, but as my (what I now know to be) Endo has gotten worse, my migraines have increased dramatically.

I also have been getting really dry, flakey, itchy skin over the last 6 months or so which I never had before. I just kind of thought it was a reaction to all the codeine I've been taking for the pain?

As for other symptoms, a whole lot of the norm: bloating, major fatigue issues, severe lower back pain, cramping, extremely painful bowel movements, dizziness/lightheadedness, nausea to the point of having 4 hour vomiting spells, stomach aches, moving pelvic pain, and more recently, this may sound super odd... but it's almost like ... I'll just say it, like my vagina is numb? Like the pelvic bone where my vagina is goes numb?

I also have been having massive issues with regulating my temperature. I'll wake up in cold sweats, having drenched our sheets, and I'll feel like I have a chronic fever through the day, just to suddenly find myself so cold that my teeth are chattering. In May.

I dunno how much of this is normal, but all these symptoms have just been getting gradually worse for years now until this past December, things just kind of overtook me and now they all happen all the time.

Oh, and, since February, I've been randomly having this shooting pain inside my pelvic area, like a rubber band has been stretched too far. It happens just when I stand up and it has gotten a whole lot worse in a very short time. I've finally gotten my referral to the specialists so I'm really hoping they can do something to help. 😐


Hi. Look into supplements feverfew can help with endo and headaches, flax seed can help skin and bowel stuff. Hope the refferal I to a bgse. I understand about the odd pelvic pains. My left ovary often hurts, sometis it feels like it's turned to stone. I also now get really hot deep inside my pelvis like a furnace, also in my abdomen and lower back, it's not hot flushes though. Try sage tea for the night sweats my aunt says it works for her.xx


Fatigue, bloating, diahorrea, hay fever, eczema, fatigue, back pain, anxiety, memory issues, fatigue, intertistitial Cystitis, bladder pain, fatigue, bone aches, depression, dizziness, fainting, did I say fatigue?

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Since being diagnosed 10yrs ago my health just seems to deteriorate the further down the line I go.

Monthly uti/ ear and sinus infections. I suffer with really achy knees and random nerve pains especially in my arms. Terrible gassy burpy trapped wind that makes me feel so sick. I also suffer with extreme acid reflux.

I've always had some dizziness but 6yrs ago I was knocked down by debilitating vertigo and it's never left.

I'm just unwell all the time. I'm sure there's something else going on in the background.

It's hard to tell what's going on when endometriosis causes so many symptoms xx

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It's so weird that you say this because 3 months after I wrote this I've been getting infections everywhere, ear infections, UTI and I've also been ridiculously itchy all over its so annoying.

I would love to know if it is related but then again they can't even manage to diagnose me so Im not even going to bother asking the doctor :/


It's all so frustrating.

I haven't seen or heard of any progression within the last 10 yrs with regards to diagnosis time, improved treatments and knowledge of this condition.

It's just an endless list of questions, trying all treatments and finally more surgery.

It's an endless battle fighting for a diagnosis then a battle to try and find some form of treatment for the pain.



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