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Hi, does anyone get headaches? I mean ones they think might be because of the Endo somehow?

I’ve always struggled with headaches but in the last year I’ve started having headaches ones that are different. The whole right side of my head hurts, even my teeth and my jaw aches. They last for about 3 or 4 days and nothing the doc gives me will touch it. I have to just take time off work and sleep and mope around until it eventually goes away on its own.

Does any of that sound familiar?

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Hello, yes I've been getting this..the other night I couldn't sleep..the pain was in my left side of my head, down into my eye and nose..and my teeth, gumbs and jaw were hurting like mad! I kept thinking..what the hell!? Now everyday since I get pains in my head..yesterday was my right side..other times it will be a real frontal headache! Or sharp pains through my head..worse when I stand!

Have you had any relief from your headaches? It can’t just be us two suffering! Do you find any painkillers help? I hope you are feeling better now c

Hey! How are you feeling..Mine come and go..I find 800mg ibuprofen help..with the endo pain too actually as it's a anti inflammatory...Give them a try..but I'm still getting them almost daily..Also sharp pains sometimes! Xx

Hi, I’m doing ok at the mo, how are you? I get these horrendous headaches where I can’t do anything for days and no painkillers help. Then it eases off and I’m convinced they are connected to my periods but then my periods are irregular so sometimes I have the headaches but no period, so how can you tell?! My doc basically told me there’s nothing she can do for me and that going to bed and missing work for days at a time might be the only thing I can do. She’s referred me back to a neurologist that I’ve seen before but it’s not til next year and I’m not holding out much hope :-(

Wow That sucks! I'm sorry your having such a bad time! Hopefully we'll both be sorted out soon..I do have a funny feeling I'm going to be turned away without much help though as my periods are still regular and I'm not bleeding inbetween! We'll have to wait and see what happens :-( xx

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