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Anyone have any suggestions for (drug-free) relief of hormone headaches/migranes?


I've suffered with headaches and migranes for as long as I can remember, I have a wide variety of drugs for them but I am trying for a baby at the mo so can't take any of them and my specialist has said to stick to plain paracetamol only, particularly during ovulation. At the mo the only ones I am getting are definitely due to hormones... and the worse ones are around ovulation! I've been struggling on with just plain paracetamol but its doing nothing so was wondering whether any of you have found anything else, drug free, that has some effect on headaches??? Any tips would be greatly received!

Thanks x

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Hello Hayls

I've also been a migraine sufferer for years ! I've tried many drugs and now my migraines are so bad I have to take a daily preventative medication !

I also take a magnesium tablet and a feverfew herbal supplement. I'm not sure if these are safe to use when you are trying for a baby though. Here is a good link:


I also exclude food triggers from my diet completely! I drink decaffeinated coffee mostly. Unless I feel a migraine coming and them I drink as much caffeine as possible as this dilates blood vessels and so should help!

Good luck with the baby making.

Barbara x


And another link for you




Thanks barbara, will look at those links. I have a neuro condition that causes horrific headaches and cluster headaches so normally cheat when I get other types of headaches and use the drugs for those to get rid of them quick but cant at the mo - just dont want to take the risk, my odds on the baby making front are low enough as it is! x


There is a possible link with gluten for some people.



forehead stick and migraine strips can work for some people. They used to take the edge off mine and a forehead stick is a must in our office for most as the lighting causes us all to have headaches. Might be worth checking if you can use them but I remember my consultant telling me to put as much forehead on as I wanted as it was natural


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