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Absolutely speechless

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So I had my consultation for surgery yesterday.

On my last consultation my other gyno said that if I wanted the chance of having kids surgery was the route to go down. I had the consultation with the Dr who will be performing the surgery yesterday and he handed me a leaflet about endometrial ablation, the first paragraph states this is not for people who want kids.

I'm shell-shocked, this wasn't mentioned in my thirty minute long consultation with the Dr and I can't believe he'd just glaze over it? Anybody else that's had the ablation is this the case for everybody?

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Omg I cant believe you werent told this before in your first consultation. That is really bad.

Can I ask why are you having the surgery as I am wondering if you are really having endometrial ablation or whether you are having ablation of endometriosis?

If you are worried I would call either your consultants secretary or pre op department and ask them.


I'm having a phonecall on Monday. Yeah this is what I wondered - if this leaflet is just provided to everyone having ablation. If so then that's just madness as i've spent the whole weekend thinking about it.

I'm having it because i'm stage 3 and it's especially bad on a few places, i'm wondering if he's going to lazer where it's bad and then treat the rest with hormones? I have no idea

I would definitely be finding out more if I was you. I think its the wrong leaflet tbh. Xx

OH MY GOD. Just been called, very apologetic but it is indeed the incorrect leaflet. Over the moon but as i'm calming down i'm getting angrier and angrier. I've had four days of absolute moping about this!!!!

OMG im sooo happy that is the case though.

Obviously I don't know your case or whatever but as soon as I first read your post it sounded like you had been given the wrong one and you weren't having an endometrial ablation but you were just have a normal ablation of your endo. Xxx

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