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Considering private lap


Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows or has info about going privately for a lap to remove a chocolate cyst or has anyone done this, obviously you know we have a great nhs service but the pain I am in I am not sure if I can wait months for a lap date and possibly looking into other options if I can, even prices for just a consultation, I am considering a possible loan to help pay for it if it’s not going to be shockingly expensive, any input or if you know of anyone that has done this advice would be 👍 thanks 😊

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To have my lap privately, it would have cost £3009. And the consultation was £214. If you do go private, be careful as they can add things on without telling you.

I ended up getting mine done on the nhs and the staff and surgeon were amazing but I did have to wait around 8 months for it.

If you go to the consultation and the gynae works with the nhs, they can fast track you. Unfortunately mine didn’t but he referred me to his colleague who is an endo specialist as well. Xx

Dee1345 in reply to princessk09

Thanks princessk09 I will really need to look into this as I don’t think I can put up with pain, taking too much time off work with it all it’s not ideal is it xx


Hi, I am feeling exactly same as you- my lap has been postponed and I am mentally struggling with Thr pain and what is going on and thinking of going private. The nhs really messed me around too by post pining it and not telling me they had so feeling angry with them as it has effected my plans and mental health by their lack of communication on several occasions. I got quoted as about £6-7000 private. However I know if some success stories (4 people from uk) going to a very good clinic in Bucharest with a good surgeon who people have vouched for - dies excision, and you claim money back in nhs - I have the form you fill in to do so. They all got their money back. It’s costs £3000 privately and you stay in their private hospital for s few days after surgery and have follow up appointment before flying home . I am considering that. Even if I don’t get my money back with nhs (which I think I would) it is still half the price and with a good surgeon. Good luck with your decisions. It personally upsets me how they make us wait , if this was a mans body in so much pain and it was his penis- there would be no waiting lists longer than a few weeks. Society and their lack of valuing women makes me really upset. We should not be faced with these waiting times!

Dee1345 in reply to Hidden

Hey gghgg thanks for your reply you know I thought the very same it’s tough being s woman as I was fobbed off for years with my pain and finally got referred in 2016 for lap found my tubes completely cover in endo and infection and they both needed to be removed and my gyno said they could have been saved if I had been seen earlier but the damage was too much by then so I felt a hatred towards nhs for this plus I can only have a baby through ivf which I don’t qualify because my husband as 2 children from a previous relationship already so another kick and now I have a chocolate cyst engulfing my ovary so I think my fertility is screwed now all because I wasn’t taken seriously all them times I went to docs with pain!!!! It’s so sad 😞

Sass1234 in reply to Hidden

Hello, could you give advice on how to claim money back? Thinking of doing mine in Hungary, thanks

I’ve had all of mine done privately because I didn’t want to wait, I just wanted it done so I could start ivf. But I was lucky and was covered under my insurance x

Dee1345 in reply to Bobenhams3

That’s one thing I should look into I never even thought about that. Thanks for your reply it’s good to know what others consider or have been through to get an idea before I make a massive financial decision and get myself into debt thanks bobenhmas3 👌 xx

I had mine under works private medical insurance but I can give you the breakdown of where the money goes as I have a copy of the invoices. A private hospital usually has a payment plan though so you don’t have to pay a lump sum.

Ultrasound scan £247.73 and it’s outpatient appointment was £20.70

Consultations via outpatient app £330 (I had two before surgery and one after)


Specialist procedure fee £550

Anaesthetic fee £275 + £137.50

Private hospital charge £1836

New dressings via outpatient app £37

Prescription for 2 lots of antibiotics, 1 pack of paracetamol and 1pack of ibuprofen £21

So total cost added up would be £3454.93

My op was longer than expected as I was opened up to stop some bleeding, hence the extra anaesthetic fee, plus I had two nights in hospital instead of being a day patient.

Hope that helps?

Dee1345 in reply to Stoice

Thanks stoice, it seems a lot of money as I could do without paying but to get rid of this pain quicker I really need to think of all my options xx

Stoice in reply to Dee1345

I am lucky to have private medical insurance through work (Although I think I’ll not get another lap out of them as they don’t cover chronic on going conditions >:o(

My consultant found I had kissing ovaries at a fertility health check when we were trying for ivf round number three at a new clinic (endo not discovered by a previous clinic for the first two rounds). That private scan cost £250 as ivf is not covered by insurance and ivf has been withdrawn from nhs in my county (despite initially being on the waiting list for two years) but it also involved a blood test, and hubs swimmers were checked out too. Time is the essence for us really as I turned 39 just before my lap, so thankful the insurance covered it as our next step is a third go at ivf. Already spent £9k on the first two rounds and this one with envolve icsi and some high tech incubator monitoring so it’ll be about £8k we think. Hope it all goes ok what ever you decide. x

Hi Dee, yeah I ended up going privately last year as it was going to be a 6 month wait for surgery on the nhs and I was in agony. It cost £3500 in total (I am in Northern Ireland) and thankfully I had a family member who was able to split the cost with me. It was a lot of money but if you’re in agony waiting and your cyst is growing bigger then I think it’s well worth it. Hope this helps x

Hey lifeafterendo

I have heard the wait times in Northern Ireland are long your not the first person I have read this, I do feel as if this cyst is growing bigger I can feel the pressure and pain off my period and I have to pee every other few minutes!!! Might go back to my gp and see can she push things further I won’t hold my breath though xx


Really appreciate this post and hearing others decisions. I think I am getting misquoted then as I keep getting told it is between £6000-7000 by the private hospitals. I will enquire some more. I complete understand your anger, I would feel exactly the same thing, the nhs has allowed your condition to cause you problems you wouldnt have if you had been heard and your health valued by them from the start. How can this be changed? Unsure if you have time, the inclination to do this yet PALS or flaggin up this type of care by complaining might help with your anger and feel better that you are telling them your care was not ok. It might not help pur generation yet help prevent the next lot from enduring what you did by them. Surely anyone complaining of symptoms related to period need to be automatically offered a laproscopy if it is affecting quality of life and fertility. I didnt know that about the IVF. How unfair is that :-( Again devaluing your right to be a mum because the father (the male) already has that fullfillment. Your needs are not important. I keep thinking that consultants in order to qualify for the post need to have experience of endo themselves. The lack of connection and understanding or empathy shown is so apparent. From what I hear private consultant seem a lot more passionate about their work (I could be wrong on this.....just from my recent experience and interactions). Good luck with it all, keep us posted with what you decide....


My gynaecologist is treating me at the private hospital but on the NHS. So I had to pay for the initial appointment, but not the surgery! That could be an option for you as I found that paying for the consultation sped the process up a bit x

I had my diagnostic lap done privately. I have Bupa cover at work so once I had first scan I referred through to Bupa. The good thing about private is you get to look up the gynea and find a specialist for endo. Mine also works for NHS and is one of the lead surgeons. My next op will be done on NHS as she has a team of people to support for bowel and bladder etc, where with private that might not be as easy to organise.

I would defo do diagnostics private again, but the more complicated surgery’s I would find a specialist centre through the NHS xx good luck whatever you decide.

I’m in a similar position with the pain. I need to drop a few stone to have my next op x which is hard when everything hurts 🙄

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