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Awaiting my first Lap, NHS or Private ....time is the main factor

Hi Everyone

Looking for people willing to share experiences that might help me make up my mind.

I am booked for my 1st lap, consultant said he would push for May for me as we have a big holiday booked for Mid July its a whole family thing as its our 25th wedding anniversary this June. However I have Benenden cover so I called them they say after they have my drs referral and my consultants report I would be seen in 8 wks so really not much time diff. However I phoned admissions at the hosp and they said I'm down for June, I asked to be put on cancellation list so I have long enough to totally recover before going abroad.

I would rather stay local as Kent is an hrs drive n have my youngest child to organise getting to school.

My questions are do people often get a call from the cancellation list.?

Has anyone experience of Benenden & how long it takes for dr's and consultant to get their info to Benenden.

I know I can ask about recovery cos everyone is different n its depends on what you have done. So anyone who have gone private and then returned to nhs for after care what reception did you get.

Be grateful for anyone who can spare time to read and reply.

Thank u, Mal x

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My only experience is private when it comes to lap surgeries. I did both private, first under BUPA and the other one abroad.

All I got initially was a referral from my GP for pelvic pain etc etc and then saw private doctors (gastro, gynae etc as it was a long investigation in what causing the pain before I ended up having a lap).

With private insurance if you see a doctor that works for this insurance, the lap can be done within a week. So its better to chase your insurance to see why they told you 8 weeks! In the UK, when you pay everything is done quickly, so sad but so true!!

Jo x


Hi, I did get a Lap from being on the cancellation list, however, not sure if it was due to the fact that I had written a letter to the lead Gynae questioning things that I was told by a registrar during my first Gynae appt, resulting in him putting me forward for Lap, and/or because myself and my doc complained that it took 7 weeks for my first consultation report to reach my doc.

Hope you get sorted soon, and are on the mend for an exciting Holiday! x



I had my lap private through insurance with aviva (I was originally nhs but switched to private as I didnt like the consultant and to get the lap quicker). I had the lap 2.5 weeks after I originally phoned my insurance company and could have had it a week earlier if I had wanted. 8 weeks under private cover sounds like a long time, its 6-8 weeks on nhs list where I live. I dont have any experience of Benenden though so it may differ to aviva and bupa etc especially as I've never heard any mention of waiting for any paperwork before either, just confirmation that my GP had referred me in the first place. I would phone your insurer again and check it out as normally with private you phone and make the claim and then simply phone your consultants secretary who will get you booked in asap and you just hand over your insurance claim reference number etc.

Hayls x



I've just had an NHS laparoscopy operation and also had one in May. I've been on the cancellation list twice and didn't receive a call to go in earlier. Hope you can come to the best decision.

Anna x


Thank you everyone for your advice. I will phone Benenden again to see if I get the same answer as last time. My consultant has been good so other than the holiday I would have just waited.


Hi I'm currently waiting for a lap and was put on the list in December. I've called twice about cancellations and explained why I needed it to be sooner than 18 weeks which is likely to be my wait. The second time I called I was told it was in my notes that I could take any cancellation but it is unlikely as people generally cancel last minute or just don't turn up! I was shocked but as you need at least 24 hour notice as can't eat before and need pre op tests it is very unlikely. If I could afford nearly £4000 on private lap I would! The only other info I got was that the doctor could fax the hospital if my life was unbearable and they may look at getting me in sooner but would need to be life threatening.

I hope that helps you decide, I live in Hampshire and so different areas will be different but hospitals should complete surgery within 18 weeks from referral from gyni.

Good luck and hope you get it soon so you can enjoy your holiday x


Thank you for your reply lily flower, I hope you get some answers and relief soon.

I know it's not life threatening but it does have such an affect on your everyday life I think . There really needs to bd a bigger drive to try and help us all ESP as its not a curable condition. I have made am appointment with my gp to get the private referral but that not til next fri, earliest appt. it's just stupid feel like your trying to wade trough treacle. Nothing moves at any kind of speed.

Still fingers crossed we all get somewhere in our quest for a less painful like. It's not too much to ask surely.


I hope they get things going for you Friday, it is so frustrating when they say is it life threatening as had to say no but as you say it has such a big affect on everyday life but I'm just taking painkillers having accupuncture and herbal tonic which has eased the pains while I wait which feels like I've been waiting for ever! I'm hoping to get news soon for a op date but have just had to keep plodding on and accept the NHS take forever! Waiting for months for each appointment means by the time I get my lap it will be nearly a year since I first started having ultra sound scans, blood tests etc eventually referred to gyni who have put me on list for lap. All this waiting and not knowing what is going on inside can frustrate me more than the pain some days but fingers crossed ill get answers soon. I'm glad you have decided to try going private as hopefully they will get things moving much quicker for you. Good luck x


hiya im with Benenden health trust in cranbrook kent they are very good there and very thorough i had all different consultants do tests on me and then i was referred to the gynea consultant in late january he was brilliant he found that i have endometriosis in my uterus and now im due to have an op on the 26 march ..... i was advised to keep phoning the booking office to see if there had been any cancelations but i was happy to stay with the date they gave me .......... good luck and i hope everything is ok for you xxx


Hi Shaz1966

Thank u for you reply. That's really good to hear they are good, still the waiting time bothers me. How many trips up there did you have to do and have they told you how long you will have to stay in for. Oh yes and sorry to ask alot of questions but what test did they do that showed where your endometriosis is. Good luck for the 26th hope u have time to reply & would love to hear how it all went when you are able to. We live in Essex so thinking my husband will book a night in the hotel if I have to stay in then he's close by n if I can come home then we will book stay so I'm close if I have probs. suppose it depends on what you have done doesn't it.



Hi Mal

i had ct scan ... virginal scans ... ultra sound scans it wasn't until my gynea looked at the results of the virginal scan that he saw a shadow on the top of my uterus he then did an internal and i was in so much discomfort that he diagnosed me with having endometriosis of the uterus this is such a relief i can tell you as i have had this pain for the last five years i was at my local hospital under the gynea there but he did a lap on me and couldnt find anything wrong so he put a mirena coil in it eased the pain for a while but it got worse last year he still couldnt find anything wrong after more scans so i decided to go to benenden where they seem to want to find the cause of pain from september last year until january this year they have found the cause :) who is your consultant i am being looked after by Mr Kovoor ..... i will keep in touch :) xx


Hi Shaz

I go to my GP on weds to ask for the referral to Benenden so I have to wait for my 1st appointment yet, not sure how long that will be. They did say Kovoor was the specialist but lots of diff consultants there.

Basically I have always suffered painful, heavy periods. Had 4 children after a miscarriage. Never thought much of it until nrly 2 years ago I started having really heavy n painful periods with lots of large clots. Then got constant pain in my left side. Had a scan that showed a 6cm cyst. Was referred for an MRI scan that showed it had gone. My dr said the report showed I might have endometriosis so was referred to gynae at my local hosp. They wanted me to a mirena coil but I refused. Had a hystoscopy and that came bk clear so I tried Decapeptyl for 3 months. That was fantastic do gynae said that proves it must be endo. Just going to Benenden now coz I hope they can see me & operate b4 June. Now long after your test did u have to wait for an op date. Do u live far from there and do you have to go in n stay the night before and do u know if u can go home the same day??

Sorry for do many questions.



Hi Mal i live in hastings so its about 30 mins in the car they also provide a pick up service from the train station if its to far to drive .......i saw gynea doc at the end of january and the appointment came through within days for march but i did ask for the end of march ....... normally a lap is day surgery so you will be able to go home same day ... i have to go in for 7am on tuesday coz i am on the morning list i will have to stay for 2 nights so they have told me .....take the fax number for benenden with you to the doctors and ask them to fax details straight away then give it a few days and phone benenden up to find out if they have received your information...... keep pushing..... remember you are a person that is paying for your treatment

shaz x


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