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Daily pain, frequent urination, pressure feeling can be signs of Endo?

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My symptoms started 3 months ago with a vaginitis and possible UTI. Got 2 different treatment and I still had pain all over my lower abdomen. It felt like I had PID, but none of the doctors believed my pain, I just had a little inflammation left. Ultrasound and gyno exams were always negative.

Thought I might have an STD, so I went to a clinic, they tested me for Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mycoplasma, ureaplasma all negative. After the test results , I started to have UTI symptoms , unimaginable pain in my bladder, frequent urination. They did a urine culture , but it was negative. Went back to another gyno, who find at my posterior wall a small painful, movable nodule. He said I might have endometriosis , because of the excruciating pain I was having. Changed my birth controll pills to ones that contained dienogest. The pain lessen, but the.UTI symptoms remained so he prescriebed me antibiotics and uva ursi which help a.little bit , but I still have occasionally pain and pressure feeling in my genital area. I don't know exactly where I feel this but I know something is really off and weird. I haven't been myself in 3 months now. I did the CA 125 but it was in a normal range. I never had painful menstruation before, I am on birth control for 2,5 years now and I absolutely feel nothing. Never had problem during sex. My question is , can this be a sign of endometriosis? The constant pressure feeling and possible urehtral pain? Sometimes It feels like a really bad UTI. I don't want to have an unnecessary lap. But the birth controll pills did lessen my symptoms a little bit. Or maybe I have Endo with interstitial cystitis? My vagina isn't inflamed right know, it doesn't sting when I pee. Does anyone have this weird pressure feeling? Doctors are freaking clueless and I'm loosing hope and this all started with an inflammation, stinging pee that wasn't treated well.

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Pressure on bladder was my main symptom that made me go to the doctor for it and I discovered that i had huge cyst on my ovary that caused the pressure

At that time I didn’t have any other issues only pressure i describe it as my organs will fall that what I said for my doctor “i feel my organs will fall because of the pressure “

Now i have small cyst with terrible burning urination without pain I had test and it came back normal but the burning kills me

Do you have burning or pain ?

Do you consider burning urination as pain ?

Something that will help you to know if you have endometriosis on bladder is seeing your pee during period does it have blood during period

I told my doctor that i have blood when i pee during period and he said this is caused by endometriosis on bladder

Because normal periods without endo dose not cause blood in the pee during period

I have really severe stage very very advanced . It affects me 24/7

now it is not associated with period have it every single day

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I don't have cysts, but I do feel the same pressure as you do! No, I never saw blood in my urine, even my periods are light. But I am on birth controll pills anyway. I do feel this pressure 24/7 and it's keep getting worse :(

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I would not think endo is the reason you don’t have endo symptoms at all but we cannot sure without laproscopy

Do you have burning urination ? Or only pain

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I have pain , but not always. Right now my main symptom is the pressure feeling and clitoral pain. I do mostly feel the pressure around that area. Sometimes it burns , maybe once a day.

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The pain you are describing is pain I have felt with Adenomyosis. Lots of pressure and feeling like I have a uti. I had this confirmed with an mri, because of constant pain with my tailbone. When you have adenomyosis it is endometriosis that grows into the uterine wall, instead of growing out it grows in. I can’t have any pressure put on my stomach or pelvic area because it’s very uncomfortable and I just have this fullness feeling there. I hope this helps. I have seen that adenomyosis can be diagnosed with a vaginal ultrasound but it isn’t as successful as an mri. Stay on the doctors, YOU know your body, they do not!!! I finally had to switch to a different family doctor and she ordered an MRI. I’m telling you the uterus and hormones can cause so much chaos in our bodies!

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Edinamalac in reply to coffeemom

Thank you! It's so bad that I have to keep going back to them and ask about conditions. They should be the ones diagnosing me.

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It is crazy to my that doctors don’t seem to care or understand the pain associated with this! When my doctor read my mri she gasp and said she never thought of adenomyosis, and that everything I was describing made sense and the problems I was having. Find you a good doctor that will take the time with you! I know this is hard to do!

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