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Exercisers... please send messages of hope

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Do you exercise regularly and does it help? Has endometriosis stopped you doing as much exercise as you would like due to pain or tiredness?

A few months ago I was exercising about twice a week. It really helped keep the weight off and helped my mental heath. I’ve not been able to do anything too strenuous due to pain and tiredness. I miss it so much and want to get back to it.

I’d love to hear what works or does not work for others.

Thanks in advance.

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I know how you feel! I loved excercising but since my cyst removal and lap last year I can’t do anything too energetic because my insides feel like they’re going to drop out!!

I do yoga though and find that it really helps x

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Lozza4444 in reply to Eclarke4

Thanks for your reply. It’s rubbish isn’t it. I also do a little yoga which I helpful.

It sounds like you are being kind to your body though. It’s really important we don’t push our bodies to more than they can handle.

I hope you feel better soon.

All the best to you xx

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Eclarke4 in reply to Lozza4444

Thank you, you too xx

Good question! I’ve found that trying it regularly but taking lots of breaks to walk off the pain or just pause is better than nothing at all. And wearing loose clothing. Keen to hear other ideas!

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Lozza4444 in reply to wanwood

Yes wearing loose clothing definitely helps. Walking is good too. It’s better than nothing x

Hey, I’ve been exercising for years (I’m 19) and I was diagnosed with endo a month ago. The last year was a bit tough but I was still doing my normal workouts of cardio and weight training. However I couldn’t run as it felt like my inside were gonna fall out haha.

If you want to get back into exercise, I recommend starting slow with some walking on the treadmill etc and then increase the intensity when you’re ready. It’s just about finding what works for you.

I recently started seeing a personal trainer who can help me get back to my optimal fitness levels like I was a few years ago xxxx

Yes I agree. It’s so important to get the right balance and not to over do it. So pleased that you can continue to exercise. It will really help.

I find that exercise is literally my THING and I love it! Found it really hard not to exercise post cyst removal in 2016 when endo was diagnosed while recovering. When I got back into it I found my mental & physical health really improved! Occasionally the endo will be too much & I’ll have to send myself home from the gym, however, usually if I’m in pain/shattered from the fatigue, forcing myself to go to the gym makes me feel SO much better. It seems to get rid of the pain & the fatigue! Even cures the migraines!! Obviously this isn’t always the case but 80% of the time it works for me! Sometimes you have to tailor the exercise to suit how you feel on the day though, but getting out of the house & getting moving works wonders!

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Lozza4444 in reply to SianRose

It’s so great when you can feel the benefits from it.

I’m just waiting for this flare up to pass before I start up again. I took a short walk to town yesterday on my lunch break. By the time I returned to the office I was exhausted and breathless so knee it was time to rest. I miss not being able to exercise like I used to but I’ll get back there one day x

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SianRose in reply to Lozza4444

Well my fingers are crossed for you that it happens soon! X

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