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Pain right side of stomach. Can't pass gas and when I pee my stomach hurts a lot!

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Hey girls,

Sorry for the tmi in the title.

But in the past week I've had excruciating pain on the right hand side of my stomach. I can't pass gas because it hurts a lot. When I go to the loo to urinate it really hurts my right hand side of my stomach. My pee doesn't burn or anything like that, but my insides (stomach only) is so painful. Feels like it's cut up!

Does anyone know what this is? Is it the endometriosis? Or could it be something else like kidney stones or something?

I don't want to the emergency room because the last time something similar like this happened, they kept me in for 10 hours and didn't conduct any proper tests. Just did a blood test and a basic X ray which won't show anything! And I refuse to be pumped with more drugs than what I'm already taking. That's not the answer to everything.

I feel more comfortable talking to you ladies who understand what other people are going through.

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It sounds like something that needs looking into.

Is this the first time you've felt like this? And are you at a certain point in your cycle for example around your period? It could be any number of things, have you been diagnosed with endometriosis?

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larajames86 in reply to luthien

Hey! Thanks for responding.

Yes. I've been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis almost 4 years ago.

I don't belive I'm due for a period right now. I have the mirina coil in which has stopped my period.

I've had this happen once before almost 2-3 months ago. Almost identical symptoms.

When I went to emergency, they were of no help whatsoever.

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luthien in reply to larajames86

It can be related to your endo, kind of like new symptoms.

It could also be the coil, some women say it can cause pain; that could be something to look into.

Yeah the mirena coil is the hormone coil therefore you won't have any cycles while on it and shouldn't have any breakthrough bleeds - although some women say they do still have bleeding of sorts - that's due to it being very concentrated.

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larajames86 in reply to luthien

It's pretty weird that this has only been happening recently.

I've had the coil fitted in for almost 3 years now and have never experienced anything like this before. I've also been feeling extremely nauseous constantly and vomitted a couple of times.

The same thing happened two months ago or so. Severe pains on the right side of my stomach. Urinating was painful (not the urine itself or my private areas - JUST the stomach. It felt cut up inside). They did a urine test and didn't find any infection and nothing in my blood tests. They also did an X ray and couldn't see anything.

Now it's back and I've just been sitting in bed in pain. I feel that if I go back to emergency, I won't be taken seriously like last time and I'll end up wasting my time at the hospital for nothing but a blood test and basic X ray.

They don't even conduct ultrasounds which would show something more than an X ray will. They literally treat every patient that walks in the same. Whether you're a drunk patient or a patient with endometriosis. It's quite upsetting because it's like the pain isn't taken seriously.

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