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Had my lap at lunchtime, but I can't pee!

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I had my lap at lunchtime, but I cannot go home as I cannot pee, I am trying but nothing comes out and my cuts hurt if I push! Did this happen to anyone else?

I wanted to be in my own bed, but looks like I am stuck here x

11 Replies
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Drink lots of tea! Hope you get home soon x

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Yeah took me ages and when I did manage to pee, I left the toilet and went all dizzy so had to stay. Keep your chin up soon be home x

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Try running the tap in the sink. Worked for me!

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Thanks Ladies! I had some endo removed from bladder so not sure if that is having an impact xx

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Hi hun - wishing you well for your recovery - it is quite usual to find it takes a while to pee after surgery of this type. If you go for too long they may offer you a catheter so try not to stress or strain. The anaesthetic can cause everything to relax a bit too much or go into spasm, including bladder muscles, but it will get going again. All best wishes x x

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I had to get drained in the end. U have gone into retention make sure u let the nurses know as u shouldn't be in this position for more than a few hours x

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I was the same, they did a bladder scan on me in the end to make sure everything was okay. It ended up that I just hadn't drank enough!

So drink as much as you can and don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Hoping your able to go home soon x

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Thanks everyone, I was able to pee a small amount at about 10pm and more again now. But as it's gone midnight of course I am staying the night, no chance of sleep though there is a lady screaming and moaning in pain down the hall. Really feel for her, but could do with some kip !

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ashleigh-13 in reply to Adele-84

Aw bless you xx

I'm due for my first lap on Friday very scared!!! This is good to know this might happen so I can prepare myself thank you. Hope you managed to get some sleep x

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Adele-84 in reply to ashleigh-13

Thank you, unfortunately about an hours sleep in total in between alarms and poorly moans from others. I know how scary it is but actually it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The worst bit is pain from the gas, but peppermint is helping. Best of luck for Friday xx

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Thank you - peppermint tea is on the list to go and get today!! Rest up X

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