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Advice on easing pain


Hi all,

Hope you’re all well. Really would like some advice. I was diagnosed with endometriosis but the one they can’t burn away a few years ago. I’m in microgynom pill but the last couple of months I’ve had really bad episodes of flare ups, making my stomach balloon up (looking like I’m 6 months pregnant) the pain goes down into my groin behind my left ovary (that’s where my endometriosis is located). I cant eat wheat/ gluten as this triggers off my endometriosis. I’ve taken cocodamol, mebeverine, buscopan, drank chamomile tea.

I like to keep fit &healthy by going gym and running but feel I had to bail this evening on the gym this evening as I feel I wouldn’t off been able to.

Please can you help what else I can do or take to help ease the symptoms. Also what are people’s thoughts on the mierna coil?

Many thanks

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