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Asking for MRI


I'm going back to the doctors next week, a new doctors since I've moved house, to ask about (initially) the insane vulval itching I seem to be having mid cycle. However my period just started and it's heavier than the last, which was heavier than the last and so forth, and I'm wondering what options are available since no endo was found at my lap 10 months ago.

Crippling periods just aren't normal no matter how many times they tell me they are, and tranexamic acid hasn't touched it, and I came off the pill bc of the side effects. I was told before that my womb was bulky via an ultrasound but that was 3 years ago. Is it worth asking for an ultrasound or an MRI and suggesting adenoymyosis, or asking referal back to gynaeo? Really don't wanna get their backs up about it what with them being a new doctor but I really need answers.

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Hi Kate24601 it’s definitely worth asking for an MRI scan to rule out adenomyosis as that’s how I got diagnosed. It’s didn’t show up on an ultrasound scan. I get heavy bleeding, pain, flooding, tired, hair loss, weight loss, irritability. Do you have the same? X

Hey, thanks for replying! I get really heavy bleeding and lots of pain, constant pain my lower stomach and period like cramps half the month or so, incredibly fatigued and fluctuation in weight, thought I always thought that was IBS. It feels like since the Lao was clear they've given up on it being anything womb related and gone with IBS which is frustrating bc I'm in so much pain for 3 days of the month it affects my life and work!

I don't even know how to go about asking,I feel like they'll just see me as pushing for something to be wrong and say no!

I was quite lucky as I was hospitalised due to being extremely ill so I don’t have to ask. I think if you look up the symptoms and take that to the GP, make sure they take you seriously & if not go to another GP x

Yeah I've had to go to a new GP due to moving house, which also makes me hesitant as the one I had before was lovely. Hoping something would show up after 6 months off the pill and almost a year post lap, there has to be a reason they're so heavy and , in my family, seem to stop after childbirth! I don't wanna pin all my hopes on getting an answer only to be let down again x

Yeah so it went as well as expected. Only referred me for an ultrasound after I pushed and pushed and I don't have high hopes of that bringing up anything 😒

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