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My doctor sent me to A&E last Monday 5th Oct. They further admitted me to the Gynae ward as they suspected my Endo was back. On Tuesday I saw the consultant on his walk round of patients and he said he wasn't sure if it was Endo and would like to refer me to the surgery team to rule out anything there. Over the week I had both external and internal ultra sounds and X-Ray's. Nothing. Yet the pain was still agonising. Double doses of Morphine were not even doing the trick! On Friday the consultant I saw on Tuesday came back round and discussed that maybe it was Endo and I should be treated as it is over the weekend have an MRI on Monday (today). They would know if it is definetley endo if the pain subsides thanks the hormones. It hasn't. My gut is telling me that the Endo is back but there is also another complication.

Every scan I have ever had, even before now and during the discovery of Endo. No scans showed that there was anything wrong with me. The only reason they found Endo was because of the lap I pretty much demanded. What I'm trying to say is I guess - will this MRI work?! Will it show them what is causing this pain? I don't have much faith in scans as they have never worked in the past. I've been here a week already and I am no closer to knowing what's wrong with me then the day I came and I need an answer. It took me 8 months previously to find out (compared to some it was quite quick) but I'm sure we all agree that, that is too long. I can't go through that again. Just being sent away with no answers. I can't live my life like that again.

Everyone is telling me that MRI's are brilliant and if there's a problem. They will find it. Am I being silly being so scared about it not working? I can't describe this feeling. I feel like I am going to be told that it's nothing. I keep working myself up about it and I just need some help!

P.S I cannot urinate properly. I'm finding myself having to strain and push really hard to get an urine out at all. I know it's not normal but is it a normal symptom for Endo? It doesn't burn or sting when i urinate. It's just the passing of it which is a problem! I've asked doctors but they've not said anything and said wait til the MRI..

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You poor thing. I totally feel for you and I bet you feel as though you're going crazy.please please trust your gut. Just humour them, go and have the mri and see what they find. If they don't find anything can you tell them you want a lap? It sounds to me like they need to go in and have a look/correct things anyway.

Thinking of you xxxx

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Thank you! I have mentioned this to them but they really seem against it and now intrusive it is and they keep saying I only had one a year and a half ago! I keep thinking to myself. Yes it may have been a year a half ago but there's obviously something not right now! I will ask again! Thank you!



Exactly. You know your body better than anyone. Alot can happen in a year

Mine came back within a year and it sounds like yours has and maybe you have some adhesions or like you said something else going on. If they don't help I would ask for a second opinion. It's not fair for you to be worried like this



Mine was diagnosed by MRI. It was a detailed pelvic MRI, with contrast. It showed it all up!! Good luck, try not to worry. X


If you have been previously diagnosed with endo, then you are well within your rights to ask to be referred to a bsge endo specialist, ive had a lap with removal of endo and a hysterectomy for adenomyosis this year, and I'm still in pain,

I see a genral gyne, and I don't think he has dealt with the endo properly, I would suggest getting seen by a bsge centre, and hopefully they will deal with it how it should be dealt with,

I'm returning to go tomoz for my bsge referral,

Good luck and I hope you get some relief soon



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