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Bleeding/clots after coil removal for Endo


Hey all, I want to clarify if symptoms I am experiencing are to be expected and any tips to help.

I have Endometriosis and had a mirena coil inserted during laproscopy as could not tolerate whilst awake/in clinic due to pain. I felt this did not help or change my Endo symptoms and was advised to have this removed by my Gynae consultant.

I had it removed by a doctor four days ago and since approx 10-15 mins after this appointment I have been bleeding moderate-heavily. Today I passed large clots also. This has made me feel nauseous and lightheaded at times alongside abdo cramping.

I have been advised to take Qlaira contraceptive pill back to back now as Endo treatment. I have also had injections mentioned but unsure if that’s a route I want to go down at the moment.

Do you have similar stories/scenarios? Any advice?

Thank you

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