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Coil any good?

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Hi, i was diagnosed with endometreosis after my laparoscopy in june 2018 and they have advised for me to have the coil fitted as it might help, but when i took the progesterone only pill a few years ago it had an effect on my moods and made me slightly depressed, has anyone had positive results from the coil and it not affect their moods too bad? Also did it help with painful sex at all?

Thank you for your advice ladies x

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I had the mirena fitted 1 year ago and it completely stopped my periods pretty much straightaway. However, I still have a lot of pain nearly everyday and have to take painkillers.

I don't think it's massively affected my mood, but I feel down anyway when I'm suffering a lot from symptoms.

I'd say it's really good in terms of stopping my periods....but that hasn't resolved the pain and I'm not sure why.

I was so scared about having it fitted but just decided to go for it because I thought I'd try anything!

Hope everything goes well whatever you decide :) x

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Danmcg in reply to sian29

Thank u for your reply

I might have to try the coil to see if it helps my pain. Relooking at my discharge letter my endo is on my uterosacral ligament so ill have to look into that a bit more to see what else might help. X

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