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Anyone had any luck with coil?


Long story short, it's taken years and years for someone to take me seriously. Currently on combined pill which is ok-ish but they've now offered coil.

Endometriosis suspected to be in muscle of womb and surrounding areas, will be having lap later date.

So has anyone had any success with coil? Will be having it 11th March and anxious.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any feedback xxx

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I got offered to have one fitted today, but opted for pill instead. Heard mixed reports about the coil. Sorry I don't have any more experience of it. Search for it in top right of webpage and you will get some others views. :-) good luck though.

emma-e1991 in reply to Pain_away

I'll let you know how it goes in case you consider it in the future :) xx

My sister suffers from endo as well as i do, she had the coil fitted march last year, we both had a lap last month/early this month! coil has worked wonders for her, no endo there when she had her lap! after seeing what i did to her i really do recommend it! Good luck x

Glad to hear it's working wonders! Thank you xx

Hi.. your endo is same as mine.. had my lapo 11days ago and had coil fitted.. still early days but im giving it a try as the pill didnt agree with me.. i was on it for 3mnths then a 7day break. Everyone is different so im hoping this works for me.. hope works for you...!

emma-e1991 in reply to Kerri215

Fingers crossed for you. They offered to put me on pill as well as coil for a bit if my body doesn't settle well at first xx

hey, ive had endo for 4 years now I was on the pill for 2 years but didnt work at all for me but doctors just kept saying I never gave it the chance (bearing in mind I was on it for 2years as I said) in the end I refused to take it as I felt like it was making me feel worse I was being admitted to hospital almost every month cause my endo, ive had 4 ops in the past 4 years and last april they decided to fit the mirena coil whilst operating to see if that would help me its helped alot as im not in as muh pain as I used to be and its also stopped my periods completely its almost been a year since any periods at all which is great but the only downfall with me and the coil is my body has decided it would like to loose the coil so now I have to go back to my gp on wednesday as thats the only time I could get in to see whats going to happen but every body is different and I would highly recommend the coil to anyone no periods, half as much pain and hardly any hospital admissions for me!! can private messages me if you would like to know anything about it :-) xxx

Unfortunately it won't allow me to message you for some reason :( not sure why! xxx

Thanks for the replies :) it's nice to hear something can actually work! xxx

Had mine going on 3 months, wouldn't say it's helped much so far, hopefully in a few months 😄 got to be worth atry in my opinion x

emma-e1991 in reply to jvg69

Fingers crossed it starts to improve for you :) xx

jvg69 in reply to emma-e1991

Thanks Emma, me too. Feel like giving up with it to be honest! Seems to be non stop bleeding, don't know how we all afford to have this condition! My mum has always said if men had periods ST's and tampons would be free!! Hope you are ok x

emma-e1991 in reply to jvg69

They should be free! My doctor said they'd put me on pill as well if need be xx

ive messaged you emma let me know if you got it :-) xxx

I've had mine for a month now, I'm still adjusting to having it and although i still have pain daily its so much more managable! I saw so many mixed things about it and was terrified but its something i hadnt yet tried and thought i may as well give it a go as it might be good for me and it was!! Hope it goes well xx

emma-e1991 in reply to Hriverson

Really glad to hear it's making life somewhat easier for you :) xx

i had the coil fitted in the early stages of my endometriosis and it worked to a certain extent, the pain was bearable and I had no periods for the whole time I was on it. however my endometriosis did get worse and I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. my gyn consultant told me It may have been because I have little tolerance for artificial hormones (I cant tolerate the pill, the depo or Hrt) if you have no problems with the pill then I would recommend it.

jvg69 in reply to Lorna2904

I think you could be right. I was told years ago it wouldn't help me. Then the new consultant said try it. That much time has passed I can't remember who said what, where and when! All I know is its been years and years of faffing😈

Lorna2904 in reply to jvg69

If I was back at your stage I must admit I would do it again. Hope you get something that helps you I am just lucky I had my kids young. let me know how you get on. xx

jvg69 in reply to Lorna2904

thanks Lorna, hope so x

My gyne suggested the coil after the pill not being any good without a break from it. I've had the jaydess coil fitted since 28th of jan 2015. It seems to be working well at the minute. The mirena coil was too big to fit in because I haven't had any children so the jaydess was recommended instead. although I suffer with pain during intercourse I've been too scared to try it out but pain seems more manageable. Fingers crossed for you xxxxx

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