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What hormone treatment is best?

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I’m thinking of going back some kind of contraceptive treatment again to prevent endo coming back.

My follow up appointment is on the 19th October so I don’t wanna wait that long.

In the past I’ve tried the combined pill and mini but I always used to forget some days or not take it at the same time. I’m willing to try again but is there any other good treatments?

Could I try the Depo povera injection? Would it stop my periods and how long can it be taken for? Can it affect my fertility?

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I had the Mirena Coil for several years and found it helped

I also have the mirena coil and while it hasn’t done much to reduce the pain it has reduced the bleeding a lot, good luck!

I had the depo shot and it stopped my periods altogether and worked well. I had it every 10 weeks

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How long can you have the shot for?

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SarahMow in reply to princessk09

I was on it for a year. But my symptoms starting to come back in May so now on zoladex. If my symptoms hadn’t of come back then I would’ve been on it for god knows how long

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Okay thank you, it’s just I’ve read online you can only have it for 2 years but hoping I could use it longer xx

Iv been put on lucette ethinylestradiol and drospirenone tableta just wont to no if thwy work why still wating for opp

I had my op 8 weeks ago and the consultant yesterday suggested going on something so I went back to my GP today for the depo injection as I found that the best previously.

I asked the consultant if there is a time frame for having it as I was before told it was a year and he said no time frame, whoever said a year was talking rubbish

Yeah I saw online it can only be taken up to 2 years or something. I’ve never tried it but I failed at taking the pill everyday as I would forget xx

I thought that with the pill and you soon find and get into a routine of taking it. I guess it’s trial and error as things work differently for everyone x

Hey I've been on the pill since I was 13ish (22 now) and used to take it in the morning but I would often forget and then remember during school/college/uni, by which point I was 'late' taking it. I now take it at night time just before bed and it's just become part of my bed time routine.. I'll shower, moisturise, brush my teeth and take my pill. It's the only pill routine that's stuck for me, so might possibly work for you if you choose to go down the pill route x

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