Hormone treatment for endometriosis

Had my laparoscopy last week and been diagnosed with endometriosis. Doctor managed to remove the endo but I have been told that I will need to go back on the pill or have coil fitted to avoid endo coming back. I 100% don't want the coil, and don't particularly want to go back on the pill as it gave me depression. Has anyone tried anything else that has worked well?

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  • Was all the endometriosis lesions excised? The consultant I saw said hormone treatment may help to prevent endometriosis come back after total excision. However if I don't get on with them then it is ok to leave them.

    There is not a lot of scientific evidence to support the use hormone treatment for preventing recurrence. The key is total excision rather than medication.

    Hope this helps.

  • I think it was all removed, but he did seem very adamant that I would need to go on to something to prevent it returning. I am due to have my follow up appointment within the next 5 weeks so I think I'm going to wait until speaking to him then to find out my options. Thank you for your help!

  • May I ask why you are so against the idea of the Mirena coil?

    I only ask because I was against it but then had it inserted during my second lap and I've done really well with it, I had four months of irregular bleeding which seems to have settled down and aside from that it's all been good X

  • I've heard quite a few horror stories from people I know with the coil. The pill did work for me before with everything else bar depression but because that Is such a big side effect for me it is making me reluctant to go back on it. Thank you for replying!

  • In my experience excision without ongoing treatment can lead to reoccurrence, mine is stage 4 X

  • Oh my goodness. Do you mind me asking what stage you were diagnosed with to begin with?

  • Total excision will remove any endo present at the time of excision, but how endo originates is unknown. The expert consensus is that retrograde menstruation is probably involved in its recurrence and so the use of mirena or contraceptives is recommended after excision to stop or reduce periods.

  • Thank you, yes I thought that was the case. I am going to wait to see the consultant for my follow up appointment to see what my options are. Thank you again!

  • You could try primrose oil tablets

  • Following with interest... The pill sends me completely loopy (over the years I've tried them all), I don't want to try the coil (my mum works in radiology dept at hospital and they see so many women going in because the coil has got lost / gone wrong)... I was told this week that I was referred for laparoscopy... I wish the pill agreed with me :(

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