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Feeling lost - first lap

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Hi Ladies, I’m going to try not to ramble on I promise.

I had my lap and dye last Thursday (originally was going to be weds before but they cancelled me whilst there) my fumes suspected ending due to symptoms and the way a cyst on my ovary looked, however due to continual pain I went in cancellation list so a different surgeon worked on me.

I have six cuts and a lot of bruising on top of this being done I was also due on. When surgeons have gone in they have removed the cysts and carried out the dye test which was fine they state no sign of endo.

Now part of me is of course glad but it doesn’t explain the symptoms and pain I am being referred back to gynaecologist. So I guess really my questions are as follows:

1. Does anyone think it could still be endo? I mean if it isn’t what could it be?

2. Pain and bruising wise I’m in a lot of pain I had my wound check yesterday all looked ok but got to go again next week too. Going to docs yesterday exhausted me to point of feeling sickly. Am I just being a wuss?!

3. Work; so hospital signed me off a week, spoke with nurse yesterday and she said doc will sign me a further two. I need to tell work but don’t know what to say as I am sure they just think all will be ok immediately. My boss has had procedures and felt well within a couple of days but I currently really am struggling. Also we have arranged so I can access work pc from home but I’m unsure where I stand with SSP etc or how to really negotiate being paid too. When I took a week off earlier this year due to chronic pain I was made to feel like a liability.

Sorry for epic post just sat on sofa alone with mind in overdrive


5 Replies

It's not been long since your lap so you are going to feel sickly! You are not being a wuss. At day six of my lap I did a walk around my garden and felt exhausted! Your strength will come back but it's about little and often right now not marathons.

Some people will be up and at it straight away others take more time. I took more time and there is no shame in that. The only time you should be annoyed with your recovery is when you over do it while knowing full well you are overdoing it. Some operations are less intensive than others, so don't worry about your boss being up after a couple of days. I'm sure if you boss felt unwell they would not be back quickly.

Focus on your recovery and not how long it's taking. I was signed off for four weeks from the outset. My doctor ended up signing me off for another week after that too.

Here is the link for SSP gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay . As a general rule your work have to pay it (check the eligibility bit to make sure). It kicks in after four days and while isn't a lot, it is something. If you have a HR department I would send them an email and just ask if you have any sick pay policies that are on top of this.

Don't let them make you feel like a liability, at the end of the day your responsibilities right now are with your health.

How do you usually report sickness? At my company we send an email, so I detailed my operation and the findings in excruciating detail (I'll happily talk to anyone about this so it didn't bother me). When I ended up being signed off again, I just sent an email explaining that the doctor had signed me off and why. I think detail is key with these sorts of things, it helps them put it into perspective. This isn't a small operation, they cut into you six times and removed cysts. This all takes time to heal, it's deep and it's not going to be immediate.

I hope you start to feel better soon!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I spoke with work yesterday via text and email I was very blunt too about it, as I have found too that detail is key and I don’t see why I should be ashamed or embarrassed about being unwell

Seems to have gone down ok for now, I’ll just deal with the fallout when I’m back to work, at least I’ll be feeling better by then

Finding I’m having full blown sleeps in the day not just a nap but I’m going with it as know heal better then. I think work see it just minor as its laparoscopy as opposed to anything more but I’ve realised last couple days my body really does need time. I think I’m moving a little easier but seem to be getting lightheaded and tiredness in waves not sure if also the pain meds

Guess I’ll make sure I have my feet up and not over do it next couple weeks!


Hey, you will feel like crap for a while but everyone is different. My lap was last Tuesday I recovered in a week and I’m back to everyday life pretty much. However you have a lot of cuts and bruising so they will take a while to heal.

Was it a general gynae? Sometimes they can miss endo. Try to relax as much as possible otherwise it will take longer to heal. And a good diet can help etc.

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Concure with above about general gynge doing lap. My first one was not with a specialist and missed a large bit behind my womb nice !! I took 6 weeks to recover from my last lap, I think it generally takes longer than you think and defiantly longer than health professionals sign you off for. Hope you feel better soon 🍀🍀🍀


Don’t mean to be stupid but how do I find out if he was a general gynea? I saw a different person when I went to gynea but then ended up on the “could get any surgeon” list as the wait was pushing a year



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