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Frozen/Seized Pelvic/Groin Area? How long after lap to recover & go back to work?


Hi Everyone,

After an ultrasound and months of pain in my right ovary area, nausea, fatigue, etc, I was diagnosed with an endometrioma cyst on my left ovary and endo. My consultant has booked me in for a laparoscopy which I'm having in 3 weeks. I have a couple of questions and am hoping maybe someone here can help?!

1. The pain I have in my right pelvis/groin area has been getting gradually worse over the last few months and it now feels like it's seizing/freezing up. It feels more internal than skin/muscle. Is this normal?

2. I'm a police officer, does anyone else here have a quite physical job & has had a lap? If so how long did it take you to recover and get back to work?

3. I had some time booked off at the end of September but I'm not sure if 4 weeks on after a lap I'll be ok to travel (esp. by plane). Has anybody travelled following a lap? If so how long after and what was your experience?

Thank you for any advice ladies


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Hi, I think recovery time can vary depending on what they find and need to treat. I had a chocolate or endo cyst on my left ovary, 5 cm (although had grown by the time I had my lap) and at pre op appointment I was told 3 weeks rest no work at all. I was thinking I could get back to work after 2 weeks (my job isn’t too physical but involves driving from visit to visit and I have to carry a heavy bag sometimes with kit in it). I had the cyst removed and lots of endo removed on an area of my pelvis called pouch of Douglas. I was able to do some light work on my laptop after a week and a half, but no way was I ready to go back full time after 2 weeks and ended up needing to take a few sick days. I think carrying the heavy bag and not planning a phased return to work was where I went wrong maybe. Good luck, hope it goes well

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Thanks for your reply that's really helpful - Hope you're feeling back to yourself now xx

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