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Help! I need some advice!


Hey ladies! I hope someone will be able to help me out, I'm booked in for my 2nd lap tomorrow and typical I have just came on my period!

Does anyone know if you can still have the surgery while on your period? I'm just worried they might cancel it and I've waited so long for this to happen.

Had anyone got any experience with this?

Thank you! Xxx

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Yes it's fine I was on my period for my lap in june and think I also will be for my lap next month, in fact the surgeon said it made the endo more visible. He also saw signs of retrograde menstruation which is what causes endo, good luck for tomorrow ☺ xx

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Oh awesome! Thank you so much for that! I can stop panicking now, thank you and good luck for yours next month! Xx

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Thank you ☺ xx

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That's really good I'm so glad they don't mind, and good you got a break from your period so it could let you heel thank you xx

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