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Does sitting down hurt you?

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Hi Endo sisters.

Just wondered if anybody else hurt underneath when they sit down? Is that the POD area? I was diagnosed with deep tissue endo and ovarian cysts a few years ago now but increasingly the above is causing me more and more trouble.

I am finding more and more that I’m having to sit on cushions.

Anyone else?

Thanks in advance


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Omg before my lap I felt nothing but I do now at ovulation and I feel the things you describe. During my lap they found endo in the pod area xx

Hi, I've been going through something similar. Some days I'm fine and then other days it's like intense burning/ stinging around and up my vagina and up my bum and i find it excruciatingly painful to sit down. Last time it happened it was painful for almost 2 weeks straight, day and night. I've seriously considered buying a ring shaped cushion to sit on at work. I think mines caused by endo in my POD but i also think I might have vulvodynia.

For as long as I can remember I haven't been able to wear tight fitting jeans as this aggravates it. I also can't use anything scented down there, even body wash. I thought it was normal but I'm realising it's not 🙈


Yes I get that. I'll have to be graphic to describe what I feel so bear with me! When I sit down, it feels like there's something up my bum. It's painful but not excruciating. Sitting upright with good posture is uncomfortable so for me, it's best to sit with my legs up on the chair under me or crossed. Which is obviously not possible in every situation!

I don't know exactly where my endo is but I know it involves my bowel. My case was discussed with the endo team yesterday so I'll find out soon what they plan to do.

Yes, when I'm on my period it is sometimes like a knife up the bum when I try to sit down. Used to think tampons were doing it but the worse the endo got, the less I use the tampons to avoid discomfort - even with pads the pain is still there!

That's exactly what I've experienced. With tampons too. I sometimes called it 'pole up the bum' feeling but a knife is probably more accurate. So pleasant! 😂

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