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Advice Needed :(

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Hi Guys,

Really hoping I could get some advice!

So I got diagnosed with endo in Jan via Lap and had ablation surgery.

My pains got worse since and am waiting for an appointment to plan another surgery.

However I have recently been having problems with UTI symptoms. A few months ago I was have uti symptons constantly with blood I got referred to a urologist who did a cystoscopy, blood tests and a MRI and nothing was found. the symptoms calmed after a while.

however 2 weeks ago I started having the same symptoms and test showed all the usual uti things ie. blood and protein they gave me antibiotics for a week. but yesterday I began to get a quite bad pain in my back and pelvis I still hurts to urinate and also feeling pressure on my bowel.

I have been to the out of hours GP who said all my obs were normal and there is now no sign of a UTI but I am in even more pain than I was last week :(

any advice woud be great (I will be trying to visit my own GP tomorrow)

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Maybe IC. I am waiting for a urologist referral. Similar symptoms

Ahh sorry youre feeling horrible.

Plans for future surgery may be an idea, it sounds like your endo may be around / in the bladder. Unfortunately ablation only gets rid of the top layer of endo, not the whole bit, so regrowth can be quicker. Push for excision surgery; this removes the endo and some healthy tissue, its known to be the best at preventing regrowth.

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