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Lap in 5 days 😫


I’m already getting scared for my lap on Tuesday 😫 the thought of being put to sleep freaks me out more than the actual operation.

I keep doubting whether I have endo or not and that my symptoms are just in my head.

Today I keep getting sharp pains and it’s not ovulation time and I can’t use a hot water bottle since it’s 30 degrees 🙄

Plus my boyf probably won’t be at the hospital like he said he would and that’s making me more nervous as I’ll be on my own in the hospital. He said he would wait in the reception but I doubt he will show up as he hasn’t asked for details etc 😔

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Oh lovely. Seriously, you don't need to worry about the anaesthetic, you won't know anything until you've woken up from it. Biggest thing you need to worry about with it is making sure it's completely out of your system before you try doing too much.

I have absolutely no doubt that there's something wrong, whether it's endo or something else, you're getting it checked out and will hopefully come away with a diagnosis.

As for your boyfriend, I know it's never nice going through things like this on your own, and I hope to goodness that he surprises you and turns up to support you. If he doesn't, well that's not your fault and I hope he has a good reason.

You've been strong throughout this whole horrible experience, and I have every faith in your ability to get through the lap. You've got this, it sucks that you might have to go through this last bit on your own, but we're all here to support you when it's done and after too.

One bit of advice, remember to take a bag with some overnight clothes in just in case you need them. Nothing worse than being unprepared for that eventuality.

Let us know how you're doing over the next few days, and after the op. Remember to take it easy, you won't be able to do much for at least a week, when you feel able start with short walks, but I'd say no golf for at least 3wks, possibly longer given the amount of twisting your core does with the swing movement.

Sending you love, hugs, and positivity.


Hey, thank you for your message. I hope he surprises me too but the amount of times he’s cancelled plans on me is beyond a joke.

My gynae/surgeon has said no golf or gym for at least a month but it depends on what he does etc during the lap. I’m gonna be so bored after a few days haha.


If he turns up, great, if not, he's not worth worrying about, it says a lot about him that he's not supporting you when you need it by being there for you.

It'll take a few days for the anaesthetic to completely leave your system, I doubt you'll want to move too far from your bed at least within the first 3-4 days! Make sure you have stuff to do though, word puzzles, catch up on TV programmes or films, sort out your Spotify playlist (if you use it), you'll find stuff to do. Give it a week or so, then when you feel like it, try going out for a short walk, just round the block or something. After 3wks or so, depending on how you feel, you could try swimming or cycling, just nothing that requires impact, loading through the abdomen or twisting.

Believe me, I know how difficult and frustrating it is when you want to stay fit, but going back too early could cause you problems so best to stick with the advice you've been given by your consultant.


Oh princess

The good news is ur getting it done, u wont even know it happening, it not scarey and it doesnt hurt that much. I found my periods worse pain then lap 😂😂.

Yeh ur bored after but u wont wana do anything anyway as ur feel abit bruised round belly. So make most of it ... just boxset and films. U will b sore for about 1-2 months .... i was and i had nothing done but i didnt take any painkillers and i was up and about within 2 days but i am a avid gym goer and runner and i couldnt for about 6 weeks sudden movements were just not good for my body.

I had no endo.

What i did find out later was i had trapped nerve in l5-l6 in lumbar spine which can effect hips groin back pelvic floor and all stomach and since having osteo it kinda nearly gone so done worry if it not endo it mayb something else... and as u are active and a golfer that could b a thought!

And as for ur boyfriend ...... hmmm honey he has got to go if he not supporting u! And keeps letting u down.... i have lost friend over this and last thing u need is someone causing u more stress and not having ur back

Yeah I’m a big fitness person so not being able to weight lift for a certain amount of time will torture 😂

Thankfully orange is the new black is out so I can watch that whilst recovering haha.

My boyfriend is annoying me atm and even one of my guy friends has said to leave him haha but he fancies me so 😂 it’s definitely causing me more stress as I know I’ll be alone on Tuesday until I’m at home with my parents xx

Yeh im sorry he has got to go ... i think when ur goin through things like this u realise who steps up ! And if ur own boyfriend is not that says it all really,as harsh as i sound.

Mayb ur friend who fancies you has got it right mayb he see it as it is but also has other reasons 😂😂.

You dont sound to impressed with him at mo so mayb a break would b good to try u dont need to b worrying what he up to whilst ur recouping.

Also like i said dont pin all ur hopes on the lap and endo and dont be upset if it not.... i was devastated as for 15 years i had been trying to get a lap and eventually after fainting through pain i got one and it wasnt endo and since finding out what it is i am on road to recovery so dont b blinkered in that it could only b endo!

Yeah I’m just trying to concentrate on my lap and getting answers. And yeah my friend is always like “let me take you out for a drink and cinema” 😂😂

Just hope I get answers whether it’s endo or not xx

Do u like him?

Only reason i ask is i was with my first boyfriend 2 years, he sounded abit like ur boyfriend and my best friend kept telling me to get rid of him and eventually admitted he fancied me.... 27 years later im still with my best friend not my old boyfriend!!

Best decision i ever made

I mean he’s really nice and stuff but he has a crazy ex whose after me 😂

Ha ha we all love a crazy ex😫😫

Mayb u should give her something to b crazy about 😜

Good luck!

Pre op jitters are normal but tbh I quite enjoy the sleep, it’s the only time I feel well rested! Lol!

I always doubt endo even though I’ve had a few surgeries.

Why can’t your bf be there? Mine could only take the afternoon off so I was sad he wouldn’t be taking me in, but it’s literally just the first waiting room then you go off on your own anyway, and my dad felt useful he got to take me. Afterwards I actually felt bad that they were hanging around all day as I was very out of it and was mostly just being sick or sleeping. The following few days are the best to have recovery visitors.

He lives about 40 minutes away by train and apparently he’s been waiting for his boss to make the shift rota and book a few days off. He’s gone really quiet about this and hasn’t mentioned it since last week.

When I first told him, he said he’d be there at 7am and just wait in the reception and then see me when i wake up etc but I’ll probably be mad at him whilst I’m drugged up haha xx

Tbh they won’t let him in until you’re stable so he literally will just be waiting for hours. You got to the reception and give your details, when they call you in no one else is allowed with you. But they’re all very lovely and reassuring (they do this all day everyday so they know how to put your mind at ease)

Make sure you take entertainment while you wait to go in like a book, well charged phone, colouring etc whatever takes your mind off it.

It’s just the fact he’s bailed on me that hurts the most unless he surprises me which I can’t see happening.

Do you get a locket to put your phone in etc? Xx

I was looking forward to mine to be honest. just think your finally getting answers. It was my first time going under I didnt want anyone with me and just chatted about uni and how busy they were with operations got some interesting stories. I can''t remember my eyes closing!

My boyfriend lives 40 minutes away aswell. I was saddened he could not come but I was so focused on proving i had endo I asked him to see me the following day make sure he gets you some nice snacks ;) Of course everyone is different, but I would have one tomorrow if I needed too :)

Here some tips to make it easier

- get an overnight bag, I had to stay in overnight and brought a small bag but wish I brought more, fresh knickers, clothes (anything baggy), I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste, some wet wipes to wash over your face feels like heaven.

- Bring some form of entertainment whatever relaxes you, mine was my mp3 most hospitals got wifi

-Walk a few small steps as soon as you can. I waited 8 hours to start walking and i fainted but to be honest fainting feels funny i laughed afterwards. i put to much pressure on myself to walk a far distance them around the room. Don't rush into it wait a couple of hours but dont wait for 8 hours like me lol even if its 3 steps

- ask any questions if unsure and tell them to write it down just in case you forget. maybe take a little tiny notepad and pen to write any appointments or the medication your on.

Most of all do not put any pressure on yourself to get back to normal actives. milk every moment of it if you will. your body and mind needs to have a reboot afterwards and its normal to feel a little down after surgery. i felt liberated but also saddened but see your gp if feeling doesn't pass.

Best of wishes

everything will be ok. you are getting answers and that is great news:) xxxx

I had my first lap a week ago and I was exactly the same. I was crying and crying up until I went to sleep! You just have to think - it’s going to happen. It’s completely safe and everyone in that operating room knows what they’re doing. You won’t even remember going to sleep and you’ll be awake in no time. :)

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Yeah I’m like a control freak haha so the thought of people being in control of my life is scary 😂 my mum is always like “this surgery is done hundreds of times a day”

I had my surgery last Friday please don’t worry anaesthetists are just lovely 😊 and it will be the best gin and tonic you’ll ever have and before you know it you will be in recovery after the best sleep ever


I have my first lap today and I totally understand how you're feeling. I have been anxious all week! I'm trying to listen to my rational voice that knows it will all be fine!!! I will try and post back to you here when I get home. Everyone on here is so lovely and very supportive. We can do this xx

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Good luck xx

I was exactly the same but I can honestly say there is NOTHING to be nervous about! I was so anxious I got prescribed diazepam to help me sleep in the day or two run up to the surgery, it helped a bit but I was still really nervous on the day. I just closed my eyes and focused on my breathing when they put the anaesthetic in - you honestly don’t feel anything, just a slight tingle for 2 seconds then you’re asleep! Next thing you’re awake with no concept of time having passed, it’s very strange. Anaesthetic and modern healthcare is amazing, so please don’t worry! Also can to not get a family member to come with you instead? If you think your boyfriend might cancel, I would ask someone else to make sure you had someone there for support. Best wishes and try not to worry! It’ll all be over before you know it xx

No one can wait with me before surgery, they have to wait in reception so my parents are going to work all day until I need picking up. I’m pretty much gonna be on my own. Xx

Hi, iv had two laps and I felt exactly the same as you. I was more scared of being put to sleep but I was fine through both of them and you will be fine too. I wish you all the best of luck and hope your boyfriend is there for you too.


Thank you and I hope so to xx

I don’t know whether I just had a really good lap experience or what, but I was back to my normal self within a week and a half. I was terrified about the anaesthetic, but tell the hospital staff and they will help you out. They could see how anxious I was, I was first to go down to theatre so there was no waiting around and they had a lady chatting away to me whilst somebody else put the cannula in and sent me off to sleep and I didn’t even realise it was happening which really helped!

I was in hospital for a few hours afterwards as I was quite dizzy and shaky so they couldn’t let me go home straight away but I was home by 4.30pm.

No endo found which was frustrating so i’m Waiting to see the gynae as to what my next steps are.

When I got home the day of my lap I was absolutely fine. The worst bit for me was taking my dressing off my wound a few days later, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of dried blood that there would be so that upset me a bit but obviously that was gone after a week or so. For me, period pains are genuinely more debilitating and painful than lap recovery! I was back to the gym after a week and a half!

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