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So much pain


Hi everyone this is my first post. Hope your all managing with your endo. I had a laparoscopy three years ago and now my pains have come back chronic. I’m sat waiting in my gp surgery for the second time this week as my gynaecologist appointment is another two weeks away. I’m sick of been passed from pillar to post and given pain relief that doesn’t work. I’m currently on codine and paracetamol the strong doseage and it’s not touching it what do you ladies take for your pain? And how often does it flare up? I’m only 24 to quote worries as thiis is the second time now :( xx

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Hi, not sure if this is any help but I have suspected endo as well as having recently diagnosed fibromyalgia and I am taking amitriptyline for the fibromyalgia pain which seems to also be making the pelvic pain etc a little better too, I take 30mg before bed and top up where necessary with paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen .

Thank you I’ll ask my gp x

I take Naproxen but I hate taking pain meds. I hate to think what it does to my insides. If I can manage without I swear by a good electric heat pad (when we’re not having a heat wave) and a tens machine. But I reach for the Naproxen when I need it. Just have to make sure you eat with it or it can make you nauseous. I always eat with it and have never felt nauseous. X

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