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So much pain


I don't know what to do, I am in so much pain with my endometriosis I am crying daily as the pain is to overwhelming. I  am on tablets and using a hot water bottle. Does anyone else have an advice/help? Thanks Hayley

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So sorry to hear you're going through this. Are you on some form of hormone contraception to help? 

There are also foods which are said to help, try looking up endometriosis diet.

I'm on the coil and currently pain free but remember well the excruciating pain.

Sorry that's nothing immediately helpful

HI Milli, At the moment they will not put me on hormone treatment ad I am waiting for surgery. Instead I am on Buscopan,  Mefenic Acid, Gabapentin, Ibruprofen and Zapain . I am hoping to have the coil fitted after surgery. I was wondering whether should go back to the docs to try and speed the surgery up. Xx 

Not sure where you are but my gp had no influence at all over my surgery. You could always speak to your gynaecologists' secretary and see if there are any cancellations. I was put on a waiting list for cancellations for my surgery to be brought forward. It worked too, I got my op 3 weeks later. 

I have said I can take a cancellation but they won't put me on the list as they keep moving my pre op assessment and until I have that I can't be on the cancellation list :( I will try to speak to the gynae secretary. Thank you 

Just remembered before my second op I went to gp about the pain being unbearable and they contacted my gynae consultant and put me on decapeptyl injections. They put me in the menopause temporarily and I had tibolone too, I stayed on them for 5 months until I had IVF 4 months post op xx

Hayley,  I wanted to reply as I  could have written your post and wanted to let you know you are not alone.  My pharmacist advised taking four hourly paracetamol on top of the tramadol I  take.  I have been taking it for the last few weeks. 

Best wishes to you.  Feel free to message me xxx

Thank you xxx 

I also suffer bad pain daily i have a tense machine i put on my back during the day whilst im at work as i cant take anything stronger than paracetamol whilst working i also take my hot water bottle to work and a wheat bag i heat in the microwave. Hope you find some relief x

Thank you X 

I'm on Naproxen now which is easing the pain a little. Also peppermint tea etc help. I hope the pain eases. 

hayleys900 in reply to Loulou24

I think will speak to GP as a couple of people have mentioned naproxen. Thanks xx 

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