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So much pain

Hi, had my 1st lap 5 months ago. First two periods were normal with no pain. Third period started getting twinges of pain, fourth period I ended up in A&E as I couldn't control the pain. fifth period started three days ago and today I had awful stomach ache this morning, controlled it with strong pain killers which helped and then this evening, I went to make a cup of tea and ended up on the kitchen floor due to an intense pain. I feel completely fed up as its so soon after my lap. I'm also trying for a baby but no luck so far. I don't know if I can carry on like this each month. Is it normal that the pain comes in so suddenly?

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I do feel for you, was you getting pain through out the month before lap?, If you wasn't seen by a specialist in a bsge specialist centre then you should get a refferal to one. General gyne often miss endo in certain areas so it's possible some been left


Hi, yes I was getting the pain before the lap. I was told that there was a lot of endo and andymesiosis. I do wonder if it's on my bowel as this morning the stomach ache came on after I went to the loo. I have been told to ring the gyno department so going to do that tomorrow.


Hi, so sorry to hear this. I had exactly the same - lap, stage 4 endo found and removed, felt much better for a couple of months then symptoms returned. Was so upset. Went back to see my consultant. He said as I have endo caused by genetics he thinks I have microscopic endo (disease you can only see under a microscope). He said he can't do a lap because he would not be able to find the disease but the pill is meant to help manage the symptoms. I've been back on the pill only a week so can't say it's worked yet but fingers crossed! I know this won't help if you're trying for a baby but my main advice is don't put off going back and getting help. I kept thinking it was all in my head (after years of being told that before being diagnosed) but you know your body better than anyone. Hope you can seen soon and things improve! X


Hi, thanks for your reply. I hope the pill works for you. I only got endo symptoms 3 years ago after a miscarriage, probably because I was on the pill so I'm hoping long term that will help me too. About an hour ago I started feeling better, then got up and I got this horrific pain again, I felt like I was going to pass out too. It's just horrible x


My daughter has endo and PCOS. After doing a ton of research, it seems what is causing a lot of endo pain is diet related. Various foods cause inflammation in all parts of the body, responsible for pain and/or other reactions. We have all switched to an organic, gluten free, dairy free and low sugar diet. Although it doesn't happen immediately, switching to a diet such as this has made a tremendous difference in her life! When she has days where she doesn't stick with a clean way of eating, she experiences a lot of pain the following next few days. Eating this way sounds horrific, but just about any recipe can be altered making it low in sugar, gluten free, dairy free and organic. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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The pain is probably the adenomyosis. It can only be cured via a hysterectomy. So even if all your endo was successfully removed during the laparoscopy this won't have dealt with the adeno I'm afraid.


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