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No change after laparoscopic surgery? How long does it take?

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Hi ladies,

How long was it before you all started to see any improvements after your laparoscopy? I’m having my second period since surgery and I am suffering with awful, awful constipation during my period. My periods are really bad, the pain is no better but this constipation is new and it’s getting worse. Is this normal? Am I just being impatient and what can I do to help myself with this. Thanks in advance for any replies 🌻 xx

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Hey I have my lap next week and the gynae told me it can take at least 3 months to see a difference due to the fact internal wounds take longer than external xxx

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judda in reply to princessk09

Good luck for your lap ❤️

I’ve just had my second period post lap and the period was much heavier with my normal awful pains, I too have been suffering constipation. I had this pre surgery but it’s worse now. I have seen a few improvements so far.... no more menstrual rectal bleeding and my left leg numbness has gone after having it for 7 months but pain wise I haven’t noticed any improvement yet 😔

I’m four months post lap excision and I’m still taking the odd day or afternoon off work from cramps or exhaustion. My periods still affect my ability to function ‘normally’. But I’ve been told to wait six months before making a judgement about whether the surgery worked or not. constipation was bad for about three months after surgery, but is slowly becoming less of a problem.

Hey ladies, thanks for your replies. Sounds like I am being a bit impatient after all but it’s just sooooooo bad and I’m finding the exhaustion a real problem too that wasn’t that much of a problem before 😔 do you take anything for constipation? I was in the bathroom for three hours last night and I know I’ve pulled muscles in my stomach because of it! Can not deal with that! Big love to you all dealing with this horrible disease every day 💜

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Albicat in reply to judda

I found lactulose really helpful after surgery. You can get it from the chemist. Careful not to take too much though or you'll have the opposite problem! Fybogel can also be useful. I hope you get some relief soon x

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judda in reply to Albicat

Thanks Albicat ❤️

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Char411 in reply to judda

Magnesium citrate tablets. When I took them daily like clockwork my constipation almost vanished x

I’ve found taking a good probiotic has helped with my constipation.

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