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Giving up



I had my diagnosis in may and been on prostap injections since I have been doing really well however the last few days I feel like I’ve gone back to where I started

I didn’t go work today and have spent most of the day in bed. I feel awful! I feel like they will sack me because of having endo which makes my stress levels worse! I feel guilty for not being at work as I’ve worked since I was 14!

I just feel like giving up, I’m fighting a battle I can’t win. I feel like no one understands what it’s like to live with and how my body feels so shut down! Just needed someone to talk too.

Thank you guys 💕

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I’m feeling the same as you ATM. I have people around me who try to help but I feel so alone and depressed.

All I can say is try to not worry to much about work. They can sack you for having a day off (easier said then done not to worry cause I’m the same)

Hope u feel better soon xx

Hello Ellie

I feel the same. I also had my diagnosis in May. I’m not finding any painkillers the work and I can’t seem to take the pill. I feel like no one understands what I’m going through and because of that I can’t speak about it which in turn makes me feel annoyed and irritated with everyone. I’m going through the same with work. I haven’t long gone back after 4 months off and it’s looks like I’m going to have another surgery soon 🙁 I’m worried about losing my job too.

I hope you feel better soon xx

Hang in there I am on proslap too been on them since feb. I have good days and bad days . Drink plenty of water , I take magnesium and soya tablets they help me a lot. Some my bones hurt so much and headaches are bad too. I force myself to do exercise it keeps me going. I am just hoping in October I can have the hystorecomy and then come of proslap. You can only do your best at work if not good enough then maybe try something else or do part-time till feel better. Good luck .

Hi please don’t worry about work. You are genuinely in pain! I couldn’t manage with the injections as they made me ache all over constantly and couldn’t think straight. I had to cure myself...... my consultant called me ‘an enigma’......I completely changed my diet after doing lots of research. It took 5-6 months to be completely free of pain. I cut out all dairy, alcohol, caffeine and red meat. I definitely wouldn’t touch any soy products as it mimics oestrogen which endo thrives on! Eat whole foods, limit bread and sugar. It sounds like all food but you’ll find other foods! After having to finish work because of pain I am working 4 days a week and no pain. Add some exercise and herbal supplements too. Try and be proactive not reactive and gain your life back... I did. Good luck xx

Hi Ellie,I'm coming off prostap injections been on for 6months as I have endro but also have a lump in my stomac well which is also endro .I'm now awaiting my first period after injection an I'm terrified as the pain is like labour hospital have gave a emergency pass for 6months it's horrible as the pain just takes over your life .stick with injections as they settle I just felt I could murder someone which wasn't great but better than pain all will settle xxx

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How long did it take for your injections to settle? I had my first one 25th May just can’t cope anymore it’s really getting me down. Oh good luck! Hope the pain isn’t too bad xxx

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