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Hi everybody,

Quick question- can you get new PMS symptoms?

I have never had sore breasts while being due on my period, never !!! But now I have had extremely sore breasts since weekend

I recently came off the depo injection in May but have not had a period since.

I have been having unprotected sex, however a blood test showed negative last week and I have a pelvic scan on Friday and no pregnancy was seen, and the last time I had unprotected sex was Saturday. Could I have symptoms straight away? Or could this be a new PMS symptom?

Thank you :)

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Hi Georgia,

Sore breasts is a new symptom for me as well (well New for the last year or so, so kind of getting used to it now). When it first started I was convinced I was pregnant too, but kept taking tests and they were all negative.

I came off the depo in February and had my first period 5 weeks ago, so should have my second period any day now (it’s a few days late but probably just my body getting used to having them again).

Hope this helps.

Hello Georgia and Katie,

I am new here, and I also was diagnosed with endometriosis. For me sore breasts is an accompanying symptom too, it happens during the ovulation time.

I always get sore breasts before my period!! It's something I've only really noticed in the past 10 years though.

Thanks guys!

I’ve done a test this morning and it was negative. I’m going to keep repeating them until I get a period.

I don’t know what it is or if anyone else had experienced it but I just have a ‘feeling’ I’m pregnant and have done since Sunday (after sex on Saturday night).


Hello Georgina

I have always had the symptom of sore breasts that seems to swell in a size a little bit before a cycle. I shouldn't think it's to much to worry about but maybe try and get a telephone appointment with tour doctor just to double check?

If you have the feeling they're may be a chance you have fallen pregnant.

Hope all goes well xx

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