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Constant/Daily PMS Symptoms?


I've had endometriosis since i was 19 (now 30) ive been off depo provera since last November. Things have got progressively worse. I had a lap and dye testing in July... all seemed okay and endo was removed from pouch of douglas.

My issue is the CONSTANT pms symptoms i suffer from. Extreme nausea daily, painful breasts, headaches, fatigue, back and leg cramps and the new one... thrush. The only thing that helps is the mini pill... which i wont go on as i want to start a family!

Does this sound like endometriosis or could it possibly be a hormone imbalance? I feel i get nowhere with my GP or Gynaecologist... they haven't even offered to check my hormones? Just told me to try for a baby and after a year they will refer me to fertility services if no luck. I have been researching and notice alot of these symptoms are due to low progesterone.

Should i try push the GP or is this just normal endo symptoms and im just being OCD? Just worrying about the fertility aspect?

Thanks x

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I found that being on the mini pill has given me all these symptoms! I had quite a lot of them before hand but so much more since being on something, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about as I doubt it would affect your fertility, it could also be your body 'evening back out' after the provera as it's been under a year and most doctors would probably just tell you it's that. Not much help I know but I'm sure a lot of people will have had the same symptoms and if GP's aren't concerned then I'm sure it will be fine, good luck! x

karenk87 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply! The mini pill and depo were great... they totally stopped most of my symptoms, when im off all contraception its horrible.

I think i may be overthinking and looking at too many google posts lol... especially regarding fertility!

Hidden in reply to karenk87

I imagine it's endo related if they all stopped when hormones are at play, as now the endo is surely more likely to return or to be not under control, but that's just what I was told haha x

Abzieg in reply to karenk87

Hey Karen - doctors on the NHS don't look into hormones enough. I had to pay privately after 4 years of losing my hair and having chronic pelvic pains. My hormone specialist said y estrogen and progesterone were at post meno levels and I was only 27 at the time. My doctor failed to see this?! Very odd if you ask me/ anyway my specialist put me on bioidentical hormones and they've saved me! No more hair loss no more pelvic pains. Flow progesterone can cause your symptoms however you need to be so careful with the balance of your hormones, as too much progesterone can lower estrogen. This did for me in my case when I attempted to self medicate. See a specialist it's worth it, although expensive x

AP12 in reply to Abzieg

Hi Abzeig,

I have seen a private gun but they are reluctant to use bioidentical hormones, who did you see? I'm not sure what type of specialist I'd need to see? I'm on marina coil and can't have estrogen so they may not try them anyway but might be worth a go.

Thanks 🙂


What a pain. I've never had endometriosis, but I was off/on "the pill" for years when I was of child bearing age, was depressed, headaches, angry...and then I had a calmness in my 30's...and then a hysterectomy in my 40's and began to suffer anxiety, depression, anger, confusion...someone asked me if it could be menopause and I thought, well, of course it is! Simple diagnosis but impossible to get my doctor on board, he said "you're too young" well I've learned you are NEVER too young to have a hormonal imbalance, so I finally DEMANDED he test my hormones, "just to be sure" I said, and then he said it's all "normal" well "normal" to him is not really "normal" for many women.

After years of patches and pills that didn't help I found a hormone doctor local to me, not through the directory or online, but in a Suzanne Somers book! Yes, she was in there and her location, and I thought, that's near me! My insurance does not cover this so I have to pay for it myself, but it's well worth it.

Long story short...yes your symptoms could be endo, could be low progesterone or even low or high estrogen, they often have some of the same symptoms, from your use of depo provera. It could take longer for your hormones to find balance again. But I would seek another doctor, demand of your current doctor, or find a lab near you and pay for the testing yourself, so you know where your hormones are at, don't let anyone tell you you're too young for hormone problems, depo provera is a known disruptor of estrogen and progesterone.

Take care, and I cross my fingers for your success at getting to the bottom of this, and having a baby! My niece was in her 30's and had given up hope, doctors had told her it likely wasn't going to happen, and suddenly she got pregnant, and quickly again, and now has 2 sons, both toddlers now. Doctors are only human and don't know everything!


karenk87 in reply to Sherry54

Thanks for the replies... i am going to make an appointment with my GP to ask about testing my hormones... if i dont get anywhere i think i will go private. Im based in Glasgow, but have seen a few endocrinologists pop up when i performed a google search... so maybe getting in touch with them will be my first route.

Thanks x

soos49 in reply to karenk87

I agree its your hormones. I went through just over 1 year of being sick. My problem was too much Estrogen and too little progesterone. I have tried 11 medications to balance my hormones. Finally, I gave up on them all and went very natural. Day 10 into my natural Anna Wild Yam Cream and Im feeling better already. I have to admit though, I never thought this stupid jar of cream could work.

soos49 in reply to soos49

Try "Serenty" cream first for 15-30 days and clean your system out .

Serenity is the cream I wanted but is a UK based natural cream.

Read about it. The reviews alone are fantastic if I ever saw em.

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