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Need to Vent! So frustrated and fed up!


Hi ladies just need to have a little moan to people who understand how rubbish endo is and the lack of understanding of the condition! I am nearly year since I was diagnosed and three years since my symptoms kicked off big time. I have been going round in circles and things are worsening for me 😣 I had a colonscopy a few months ago as was getting a lot of bowel symptoms which was clear. I've been to physio which hasn't helped. I have been running for since May which I love bit sadly it aggregating my symptoms particularly the groin/hip and leg pain. So the doctor told me to drop running for a week and a half and then go back in a month and possibly go back to gynecologist. So fed up of this condition ruling my life. I spoke to Mum earlier about it and she said "isn't there tablets that can dissolve it! !" Ha if only 😂 Really don't want surgery but fear this might be my best option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sending everyone going through similar hugs 🙇 xx

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